Anti-Ageing Gets Personal

16th March 2012

Mary Linehan looks at a system tailored to exactly what your skin needs

Forest Secrets is a bespoke skincare system that incorporates only natural ingredients selected for their quality and efficacy, and, importantly, the clinical and scientific data behind them.

The beauty of the concept is that you can adapt the blend yourself, according to your skin’s needs, so the treatment becomes personalised and therefore much more effective. According to its creator, Dr Barbara Olioso, blending the products yourself allows you to respond more effectively to your skin’s every change.

Easy-to-follow guidelines come with the products, and since the formulations are concentrated you need use very few drops, so a little goes a long way. The fact it’s so novel adds to the bespoke experience.

Optima Loves…

…New Forest Secrets Anti-ageing Starter Pack (£70), a dynamic duo of anti-agers each created to target fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. When blended together they’re a complete treatment. The set includes i-Rejuvenate Plus Elixir: refreshing and easily absorbed, with lupin seed extract, argan kernel oil, rosehip oil and pure plant perfume; and i-Rejuvenate Serum: a light, velvety texture, with plant-derived kinetin, a clinically proven antioxidant, plus vitamin E and chlorella.

Available from Urban Retreat at Harrods and online at See for more information and mail order.

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