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17th January 2009

Mary Linehan explains how to face the big freeze

It doesn’t take an expert to work out that when the elements are extreme – and according to records, this is the coldest snap we’ve had for over 30 years – you need to take extra care to protect your skin. It does take an expert to advise on the best way to treat and protect it. Here the specialists behind four top skin care ranges recommend the best products to help you beat the elements.

Leive DeClercq, Origins Global Spokesperson for Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology: "…When you’re outside, exposure to cold and wind can easily damage the protective barrier of your skin, so it’s more vulnerable, causing dehydration and even leading to chapping of the most sensitive areas like hands and lips."

Choose... Youthtopia Age Correcting Serum (£39.15 for 35ml bottle.) The key ingredient in this phyto-biological serum is rhodiola, a small flowering herb linked with longevity that helps the skin adapt to environmental conditions by building a protective barrier. The spicy fragrance might not be to all tastes, but it’s wonderfully smoothing and firming on the skin. Great under makeup, too.

Jayne Roberts, Skincare Therapist – LAVERÉ natural cosmetics: "Extremes of temperature often result in dry, dehydrated skin which can lead to broken capilliaries. Weekly use of a moisturising mask can counteract the drying effects by intensively nourishing the skin."

Choose... Lavera Faces Wild Rose Moisturising Mask for dry, mature skin (£2.85 for 10 ml sachet) – a fantastically softening mask that contains wild rose oil, vitamin E, joboba oil and rich mango seed oil to nourish and protect. A beautiful mask that proves that skin care doesn’t need to break the bank.

Helen Ambrosen, Product Creator, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: "It’s a common misconception that skin dries out more in summer. When the skin is subjected to constant changes in temperature (coming in from the cold to a central heating) it can become dehydrated.”

Choose... Skin’s Shangri La (£24.47 for 45g pot). This rich, intensive moisturiser is blended with deeply hydrating lanolin, beeswax, fair trade cocoa butter and cold pressed almond oil. A fabulous night cream – naturally, it’s highly fragranced, but the benefits are fantastic and it ticks the ethical boxes.

Dr. Tom Mammone, Executive Director of R&D at Clinique: "We wanted to create a product that would not only assist in helping the appearance of reactive skin, but would help it cope with fluctuations in weather and be better able to protect against extreme conditions."

Choose... comfort on call (£31.23 for 50ml). Formulated especially for sensitive skins, which can suffer more acutely in cold weather, this cream-balm is a protective moisturiser that contains citrus jabara fruit extract, a rare fruit extract, and mangosteen which are intensely calming and anti-irritant. Strangely waxy at first, but very quickly sinks into the skin and leaves it really soft without any tackiness. Fantastic.

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Clinique – / 0870 034 6951

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