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  • It's About The Result Not The Process 28 Nov 14

    Think facial, and – if you’re anything like me – you think relaxing, pampering, soothing. Think again. Almost the first thing that Dr Sabika Karim of Revere, says to me is along the lines of... Read More

  • A Pore State Of Affairs 25 Apr 14

    but if you’re a sufferer, that’s not much consolation. A multitude of reasons cause blemishes to surface on even the best cared-for skin. Environmental pollutants, bacteria, excess oil and... Read More

  • A Spot Of Bother 1 Feb 13

    And so, once again, I found myself facing the age old debate of what to wear to a Christmas party. While others were weighing up the varied merits of sequins versus glitter, though, I was primarily... Read More

  • A Bare-faced Truth 18 Jan 13

    There’s something immediately appealing about Anna’s Touch of Beauty. Tucked away in Northwood behind the High Street (that’s the old Northwood High Street; don’t do as I did and go to the... Read More

  • Skin Secrets 14 Dec 12

    But what do you do if you are caught short with a couple of weeks to go, so to speak? There’s his skincare to raid – it could make up for all the stealing he does from your ‘grooming... Read More

  • Stress Less 7 Sep 12

    The calmness at Ambience is palpable; I can feel the stresses of the day draining from me as soon as I walk through the door. The reception area – all pale walls; darker paint in the recesses for a... Read More

  • Anti-Ageing Gets Personal 16 Mar 12

    Forest Secrets is a bespoke skincare system that incorporates only natural ingredients selected for their quality and efficacy, and, importantly, the clinical and scientific data behind them. The... Read More

  • Everything’s Coming Up Roses… 2 Mar 12

    Forced to choose, it’s the one flower I could never cut out of any garden of mine. I don’t tend to buy them for indoors, mainly because it’s so hard to get beautifully scented ones, but I do... Read More

  • Ironing Out The Creases 7 Oct 11

    Botox is the number one frown-beater, and, it has to be said, probably the most effective. But not all of us are inclined to inject ourselves with poisons that paralyse the muscles and, if badly... Read More

  • Winter Skincare 23 Sep 11

    Autumn is the season when you should be phasing out your lightweight moisturisers, oil-free cleansers and astringents. The order of the day is hydrate and protect. There’s more to seasonal... Read More

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