The Search For Serenity

22nd October 2010

Emotional Freedom Technique is a painless, straightforward way of using acupuncture trigger points to alleviate anxiety or stress or other emotional health issues.

Grace Fuller explains how to tap into natural good health…

EFT sounds – and, quite frankly, it looks – weird. You take some aspect of yourself that you don’t like, some negative habit that you want to break, and you ‘tap’ various points around the body, while firmly repeating a few words that sound a little like a mantra…

“I completely accept my feelings around chocolate, but I choose to control this craving” or “Even though I feel so nervous, I like and deeply accept myself; I choose to be calm and confident” or “Despite adoring red wine, I choose to drink tonic water tonight…”.

I look at my practitioner in disbelief when we’ve discussed the problem I’d like to address and she tells me that this is the sort of thing she wants me to do. It’s surprising how ridiculous it feels, but also how empowering it proves to be. At the time, though, I genuinely don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I settle for both, but with a healthy dose of suspicion and a note to learn more.

Emotional Freedom Technique was developed – or maybe the right word would be ‘discovered’ – by Gary Craig, a Stanford-trained engineer with an abiding interest in self-improvement and well-being. By reading, and research, and through countless conversations with psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists, he concluded that ‘the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system’. In other words, everything negative that we experience – from stress and depression, to anger, guilt and grief, via fear and frustration – results from a blockage in the body's energy system. Traditional Chinese medicine explains that energy moves through tiny pathways in the body's meridian system, in the same way that arteries and vessels carry blood.

The blockages may result from a trauma that you recall, or an event lost in the history of your body, but knowing the reason isn’t essential. Curing it, however, is. Learning how to eradicate negative emotions can have a powerful impact, not only on our emotional health, but also on our physical well-being. It’s all about the intricate linking of mind, body and spirit.

In a similar way to acupuncture, EFT tapping rebalances meridian points that have become disrupted. It’s a gentle, non-invasive way of restoring energy flow, and one of the most user-friendly of the several Meridian or Energy-based Therapies available today.

You can practice it alone, see a therapist, buy a book or watch a video. Like a good board game, it takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master. I doubt it matters whether you believe in it, or think it’s all in the mind. If it works, it works. The power to change your life lies within you – and Emotional Freedom Technique is one way of getting the point without getting the needle…

Tapping Points

• Eyebrow: at the inner eyebrow
• Side of eye: at the outer corner of the eye
• Under eye: under the centre of the eye, just above the bone
• Under nose: in the indent below the nose and above the lip.
• Under chin: just below the lower lip
• Collarbone: about 1-2 inches in from the ‘V’ where clavicle and
sternum meet.
• Under the arm: about a hand's width down from the armpit
• Top of head: centre of the top of the head.
• ‘Sore spot’: upper chest near the shoulder.
• Karate chop’: outer side of the hand below the little finger

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