Get Motivated - And Stay On Track

22nd October 2010

Want to get fit or lose weight? Personal trainer and coach, Davinia Gill shares her top tips on how to get motivated and how to stick to a great health regime…

Many of my friends, family and clients often ask me whether it is necessary to go to the gym to get fit and the answer is definitely No. Of course, lots of people like to go to the gym as it has all the latest hi-tech equipment, which can be challenging and fun – but certainly not essential. You do not need to use machines such as treadmills, rowers and cross trainers to get fit… You can improve your health, well-being and fitness almost anywhere: by running or power walking outside, or by cycling or even by doing exercises at home. The beauty of exercising is that you can do it at anytime and anywhere. The trick is not only to get motivated, but to stay motivated, so that you start to love exercising. Here are some tips:

Set the date: write down on a calendar the days that you are going to exercise. By putting an ‘appointment’ in your diary, you’ve taken the first step to maintaining your fitness regime. Be specific about what you intend to do exercise-wise, so that you stick to it.

Vary your routine: bring several activities into your regime as this will not only give you a better all-over body workout, but you will be less likely to quit your exercise routine because of boredom. Mix different sports such as weight training, swimming, cycling and boxing.

Eat for energy: if you feel too tired to work out, you may not be eating properly – or enough. Eat live foods that give you energy, such as fruit or vegetables. It’s better to eat small meals through the day, than to skip lunch and then eat a big dinner. Depriving your body by eating too little starves your brain and leads to fatigue; eating too much at once slows your metabolism and makes you feel sleepy. By eating frequently, your blood sugar levels remain constant and your energy levels high.

Reward yourself: if you have stuck to your exercise plan give yourself a reward. Maybe treat yourself to some new clothes or a lovely facial or massage.

Don’t overdo it: you do not have to do 60 minutes of non-stop aerobic exercise to feel the benefits straight away. In fact, you’re more likely to give up on your programme if you do this. Start off with fitting in short bursts of exercise wherever and whenever you can.

Take a break: it is important to give yourself a break from exercising. If you overdo it, your immune system will suffer and you will be more susceptible to illness and exercising will become a chore. Exercise three to five times a week if possible.

Be happy: if you feel as though you’ve become stuck in a rut, or you’re generally a little down in the dumps, you have probably not been focusing on yourself enough. Bring a smile to your face by relinquishing control of your daily gruelling schedule and do something fun for a couple of hours – watch a movie, go out with friends, whatever! The effects will be surprisingly far-reaching – you will feel refreshed and happy the next day and more likely to stick to your usual exercise schedule.

Get a fitness buddy or a personal trainer: find a friend to exercise with you or take on a personal trainer. With company and support you’ll enjoy exercise far more – and you’ll stick to it.

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