Just Imagine

9th October 2009

Jill Glenn reviews a new book by local personal trainer and lifecoach Davinia Gill.

It would be easy to ridicule the premise of Imagine & You Can – imagine yourself being happy and you will be, or imagine your relationship is perfect and it will be – but one look at Davinia’s smile tells you that her philosophy is working for her. Indeed, the publication of this, her first book, is proof that a positive attitude and a refusal to entertain the idea of failure can make something happen.

Imagine & You Can is aimed at young women; its simple goal is to help them ‘feel fantastic every day’. Rooted loosely in the belief-changing practices of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), it’s a step-by-step guide to confidence, motivation, happiness and fulfillment. It’s slight, and simply written, but that does serve to make it more accessible than many other self-help books, and it’s chock-full of exercises to make the reader stop and think. You could skim these, of course, but if you stopped and paid them attention (and some are really quite challenging…) you’d get more benefit out of the book, and, if Davinia is to be believed, out of life.

There’s little that’s new in Imagine & You Can, to be sure, but it’s bright and encouraging, and never less than 100% positive.

Davinia’s book launch and signing will take place at Borders Bookshop, Waterfields Retail Park, Watford, on Saturday 17 October, between noon and 3pm.

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