You Are What You Think

6th September 2008

Sheila Patel explains the power of positive thinking

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’, haven’t we? Well, try this one for size: ‘you are what you think’.

Remember how it feels to put on a new suit or dress, get your hair cut or styled and put on expensive perfume? Then to go out to a fantastic venue, maybe a posh restaurant? It feels fantastic! You know you look great; everyone tells you ‘you look great’ and your spirits are high. You just know you are going to have a great time, don’t you?
How about the opposite scenario? You get out of bed ‘on the wrong side’, feel awful, think you look awful, nothing fits… you know you’re going to have an awful day and everyone you meet is out to ruin your life! And how many times have you been proved right? Most of the time, yes? That’s the power of what you think and believe. What you think influences how you feel.

So how can you access positive thinking? By seeing yourself the way you want to be. We can change how we feel simply by picturing ourselves feeling, behaving and being the way we would like to be. Without realising what we’re doing, we will communicate our mood to others through gestures, language, tone of voice etc. These signals are picked up by those around us who will be drawn to this good mood and want to engage in it. By being in a positive frame of mind, we can influence what happens around us and turn situations into positive ones.

What we are thinking is very important, therefore, as it’s the basis for the body language to which others respond.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel that every day is a fabulous day, to feel full of confidence and assuredness, or perhaps motivation and energy? You can decide how you will be that day by being in charge of what you think – just as food constructs the body, thinking shapes the mind.

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