Ratanhia, as used in the Weleda Mouthwash

If It Tastes Horrible…

30th March 2012

…it must be doing you good, says Mary Linehan.

If you believe that, then this is the one for you: Omega Wash.
This 100% organic botanical based herbal supplement claims to revolutionise treatment for anything from bladder infections and allergies to a range of more chronic conditions by getting directly to the cause and killing the bacteria that causes the disease. Designed as a blood wash, it detoxes the liver, kidneys and bladder and other vital organs, and helps to correct the body’s pH balance reducing high acidity. It’s also supposed to help poor circulation.

I can’t tell – obviously – if my blood is any cleaner, or my liver rejuvenated, but I certainly seem to have more energy and fewer aches and pains. But, be warned – it’s not for those with a delicate constitution – it really is like drinking neat TCP.

Omega Wash £29.95 / 250 ml. Visit www.omegawash.co.uk

And, while we’re on the subject of TCP taste…

Weleda’s new Ratanhia Mouthwash (£6.95) is also reminiscent of the age-old antiseptic gargle. A concentrate of ratanhia (a wild shrub from the desert foothills of the Peruvian Andes) and myrrh, known for toning, astringent and soothing benefits, it also includes horse chestnut bark for gum health, plus essential oils of sage, eucalyptus and peppermint for freshness. There are no artificial additives, synthetic flavourings or preservatives and all you need is 5-10 drops in water.

The matching toothpaste (£3.95) has been formulated for sensitive, bleeding gums, with no bleaches, detergents or optical brighteners.

Check out independent health stores and pharmacies or www.weleda.co.uk

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