Losing Fat: Formula for Success

17th January 2009

Personal Coach and Personal Trainer Davinia Gill explains the ‘must-do’ rules for losing body fat.

There is no quick fix to losing weight, but I do, however, have a formula that will guarantee you the body that you deserve, every time. Being passionate about being fit, healthy and trim has led me to spend countless time over the years studying, researching and training in this field, in search of a formula that guarantees success. Every time.

1. Decide today exactly what you want. Don’t just say that you want to lose weight. Be specific as to what your aims are, so that you have something to strive for. Whatever you focus on you will move towards. Answer the following question: ‘What do I really want?’, and as you write your answer, get excited and be specific.

2. Raise your standards – achieving a quality lifestyle with vitality and energy is not just a desire it is a must. Decide today that you will have outstanding health, fitness and wellbeing. Model yourself on other successful people who have lost weight and kept it off, such as friends, family, celebrities. Find out the beliefs that supported them and the actions they took to create their new fabulous figures.

3. Write down why you are absolutely committed to creating a light and healthy body over the weeks ahead and stick the note on the fridge door and in your wallet/purse. This will remind you – when you are about to grab some food from the fridge or buy some groceries or snacks – why you want to be slim and healthy. By having your goals in front of you all the time, it will reinforce why you are sticking to this healthy and lean way of living. This will stop you falling off the wagon.

4. Find or create a support group of people who can help you to stay on track. A personal trainer will be a huge help, or try a slimming group or a selection of loved ones who will help you to say no to junk food and second helpings.

5. People who successfully lose weight have a ‘must’ rule. With a ‘must’ rule you always follow a set behaviour. People who don’t lose weight have a ‘should’ rule. With a 'should' rule, you believe that you ought to do something… but you either don’t do it or you do it only occasionally. Have a must lose body-fat rule. Why must you lose the weight? Write down all the reasons why you must, and also what will happen if you don’t, and how that will affect your life overall.

6. Write down what you are eating and drinking every day, so you become consciously aware. This will help you to see where you are going wrong. You need to follow a sensible healthy eating regime. This means plenty of water, and vegetables, salads and fruits (live water content foods). Don’t mix carbohydrates and proteins together at the same meal. Avoid processed foods and sugary foods and drinks. Read books on healthy eating such as Food Combining Made Easy by Dr Herbert Shelton and Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

7. Exercise for health. Take lots of long walks, go for a bicycle ride, go jogging, skipping etc. If you have never exercised before, then buy some health and fitness magazines for ideas or, better still, consult a personal trainer and get an exercise regime plan devised for you, a plan that you will enjoy and that will help you to lose body fat and tone up effectively… to get a beautiful body shape.

8. People overeat because food gives them pleasure. But what sort of pleasure does it give you? Is it the nice feeling of warmth that the food gives you, or do you like the fact that it makes you relax? Work out what you get from the food, and then find something else to do that gives you what you were really looking for.

9. Change your strategy – if you are consistently dieting and not losing weight, then it is time to reconsider. Remember, if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep on getting the results that you have always got! This means that maybe you need to reassess your nutrition plan, or change your exercise regime. More importantly, maybe you need to change your current thoughts and beliefs on eating and exercising, to help you get the results you deserve.

10. Take on the belief that all slim people adopt: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

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