• A Cut Above the Competition 16 Jun 17

    Pity the poor interns on their way to an interview with one of British fashion’s most imaginative young duos, searching in vain for a trendy-looking atelier and finding instead a humble house in the... Read More

  • The Height of Fashion 27 Nov 15

    Stumbling out of the party, clutching my five inch heels and wincing at my blisters, a thought ran through my mind: why do I do this to myself, again and again? Indeed, why do so many women tolerate... Read More

  • The Allure Of Style 22 May 15

    We are used to rock concerts and music festivals selling out, but fashion exhibitions? Sounds unlikely, yet time slots for the first five weekends of the V&A’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty... Read More

  • You Know It's The One 30 Jan 15

    We all know how it’s ‘supposed’ to be. How the ‘right’ dress will elicit tears of joy from everyone present, how you will instinctively ‘know’ when you’ve found ‘the one’. But what... Read More

  • Colour Theory 2 Jan 15

    You’re instructed to arrive for a House of Colour consultation wearing no cosmetics and minus your earrings – the equivalent of being naked, as far as I’m concerned – so it feels... Read More

  • Dedicated Follower of Compassion 6 Sep 13

    Few things – at least few frivolous things – are quite as satisfying as finding the perfect dress for half what you’d planned to spend. Likewise, when someone praises your choice of jacket... Read More

  • Dress To Impress 30 Nov 12

    Is it a wow? We’ve all got one of these lurking somewhere: that thing you bought because you were in the mood for spending, or because your friend told you to, or because it was fashionable, but... Read More

  • Shoe Shine Girl 20 Jul 12

    despite all the burning issues of the moment – Tom Cruise’s divorce, the dumbing down of GCSEs and what the bankers have been up to – one question keeps bugging me: does Kate Middleton use... Read More

  • Autumn Winter Trends 2011 23 Sep 11

    As our non-existent summer comes to a close, says Simon Glazin, it means exciting times for our wardrobes. Autumn/winter has never looked so good, with lots of colour and print, so now is the time to... Read More

  • Summer Trends - Part 2 24 Jun 11

    Here’s my second instalment of the trends that are set to be huge in the next few months. Remember you don’t have to do them all at once; updating your wardrobe with one or two pieces that you... Read More

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