Look Into My Eyes

5th August 2011

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If experience is what you need to be successful in complementary medicine, then Harry Gamp has it in spades…

At 86, he’s almost certainly the oldest practising hypnotherapist in the business, with his own practice in Pinner. To add to his many years of experience he’s also highly qualified (in clinical psychotherapy as well as hypnotherapy), and is a member of several relevant professional bodies: the Royal Society of Medicine; the Society of Advanced Psychotherapy Practitioners; the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy; and the British Complementary Medicine Association. He also regularly lectures on hypnotherapy and relaxation as well as self-hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy, which is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, is a very effective way of dealing with a range of emotional and psychological difficulties, many of which derive from stress, which is, in Harry’s opinion, the scourge of the modern age.

Fortunately, though, we are all now much more aware of the potentially fatal effects of stress-related problems, and more willing to take steps to deal with them. The past decade, Harry says, has brought a general upsurge of interest in alternative and complementary medicine, and we are all more open to different types of treatment.

At his practice Harry successfully treats patients for all manner of problems, both physical and mental, ranging from panic attacks, , anxiety and depression, through to dependency on drink and/or drugs, smoking, eating disorders and weight control. Lack of confidence and issues around low self-esteem also respond well to hypnotherapy, as do migraine, sleeping difficulties, skin conditions and many more.

Harry is at pains to stress that there is no magic solution to any problem – but the testimonials he’s received suggest that he does work miracles in the few sessions it usually takes (never less than three and very seldom more than five or six): “Harry, you're a star”; “You changed my life… You are one in a million”; “My saviour…” All the original comments are available to view at the practice.

Harry is so convinced of the power of hypnotherapy that he offers the initial consultation free of charge. Patients can discuss the problem, hear Harry’s view on the treatment, and then make a decision about whether to proceed…

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