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30th March 2012

These days, it seems that the world is full of chocoholics. Whilst confessing to craving a daily bar or two of the stuff has become almost chic, the implication is that our over indulgence is something over which we have minimal control. It's not all bad, though, says Mary Linehan.

Chocolate boosts the feel-good neurotransmitters in the body. A little like being in love, it can, apparently, become a daily ‘fix’ – nature’s own antidepressant that helps increase our sense of well-being and uplifts our mood…

…but every up has a down. Chocolate also contains a raft of other, considerably less beneficial ingredients that won’t do much for the hips if consuming it gets out of control. Caffeine, saturated fats, butters and sugars spring instantly to mind., and that’s without any fillings like fudge, fruity creams or even alcohol.

If eating chocolate is something of an addiction, it follows that there should be a self-help programme. And there is: How to Stop Eating Chocolate All of the Time, in 8 Steps. You can find the full details on – but the advice is pretty much common sense. Change to better quality chocolate, for example. Richer in cocoa , it tastes more satisfying, has less sugar and fats so it’s not as bad nutritionally and generally costs more, thus adding another good reason not to gorge on it. Eat your chocolate bar more mindfully, too, so that you relish each square rather than wolfing the whole lot down in one sitting. Easier said than done, I reckon.

The final suggestion is to obtain your chocolate hit from a non-edible source – fragrance, say, or beauty products. To help you, we’ve assembled a little list of tempting choccy treats that won’t add an inch anywhere, and that make good use of chocolate’s value as a good source of anti-aging, protective antioxidants.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre (£6.99) – it looks like a slab of chocolate and has a deliciously sweet scent of chocolate. It is in fact a block of easy-to-apply creamy textured bronzing powder to define the cheeks and give a lightly sun-kissed glow.

Lush Whipstick Lip Balm (£5.25) – a gorgeously smooth chocolate base and lightly whipped buttery cream for the lips, formulated with almond oil and shea butter to soften and plump and help prevent the loss of moisture. Deliciously scented with orange, tangerine and vanilla essential oils. And if it’s white chocolate that you crave, Lush’s Honey Trap Lip Balm (£5.25) blends white chocolate, honey and vanilla and does a trick for the lips, too.

Champneys Chocolate Wrapper (£55-£65 for 55 minutes) – mouth-watering indulgence designed for chocolate lovers. The treatment starts with a body exfoliation to prepare the skin for the softening and relaxing warmth of the chocolate body mask. The chocolate does its skin-nourishing best while you enjoy a wonderfully therapeutic head massage. The whole treatment finishes with a richly moisturising creamy body butter that leaves skin soft and silky to the touch.

Faith In Nature Chocolate Soap (£1.85) – a bar with real chocolate like no other, formulated with organic chocolate with antioxidant flavonoids that help protect the skin from ageing free radical activity. And for the dedicated chocolate beauty fan, there’s Faith In Nature Chocolate & Sage Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.35 each) – perfect for brunettes and darker shades. Sage is a great cleanser; the chocolate adds extra shine.

Here’s to a newfound but healthy chocolate fix…

Feel good.

Look good.

No guilt.

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Lush – stores nationwide – or
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