It's A Wrap

17th February 2012

Universal Contour Wrap promises scientifically proven and enduring inch loss. Jill Glenn went to Bare Beauty in Bushey to check out the claims…

it’s not exactly the most flattering of treatments. Nor indeed the most relaxing. Universal Contour Wrap is about having a vision of what you want your body to be like and undergoing a certain amount of ritual humiliation to achieve it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an extremely positive experience. It’s just… different.

If you can imagine standing scantily clad… no, let’s be honest here… stark naked except for a small pair of disposable knickers (a phrase in which ‘small’ is the operative word, and ‘knickers’ possibly a complete misnomer) in front of a total stranger, chatting about the weather, and your summer holidays, and what you did at Christmas, and all the while being tightly bound in warm, damp mud-soaked bandages, then you’ve got the picture.

Or at least, I hope you haven’t, actually. It’s all a bit private, not to say messy. I’m not sure I’d let even my best friend see me like this. The things I do, in the course of my job…
But you know what, I’d do it again. It’s all about the results. It’s function-driven, and it delivers. The idea behind this frankly bizarre procedure is to draw toxins out from deep within the fatty tissue, making you lose inches instantly. Prior to the wrap, while elasticated bandages are immersed in the mineral-rich clay solution, your therapist will measure you at certain points – around the arms, for example, and the neck, thighs, waist etc – making precise marks as she does so, so that the same places can be revisited afterwards. The difference between the total of the first and second set of measurements is the inch loss. Six inches minimum is guaranteed – and, in fact, providing that you follow the aftercare instructions (drink lots of water, for example) and don’t gain weight, it’s guaranteed for 30 days. It’s ideal as a quick fix technique when a big date crops up on the calendar sooner than you’d expected, or as an aid to a new get fit, get slim regime.

The wrapping techniques tighten and tone the body and also exfoliate and cleanse the skin ‘to leave you feeling and looking your best’ as the blurb describes it. Hold onto that thought.
Bare has recently introduced UCW’s Chrysalis machine, to increase the detoxification process. This demands the careful attaching of electrodes to key positions (is there no end to this indignity?) before the victim – sorry, the client – is wrapped in a thermal blanket and assisted to lie down for 35 minutes. I felt not unlike a body waiting for rescue dogs on a mountainside, while the little fizzing pins and needles pulsated at irregular intervals. It was surprisingly soothing, in a weird sort of way.

The delightful thing, for today’s time-poor multi-tasking modern woman (step forward 97% of the female population), is that once you’re wrapped up and laid out like something from the tomb of King Tut, you’ve nothing to do. You might as well enjoy another treatment…

I opted, nervously, for a Green Peel, a herbal skin treatment designed to refresh and regenerate the complexion. Having skin that’s sensitive to say the least, I felt not a little hysterical at the thought of it all peeling off… but being promised exceptional results from a mimimally invasive procedure, I took the plunge.

Green Peel is clinically developed and purely plant-based, and smells fresh and lovely. Having been treated very lightly, I experienced almost no noticeable skin loss over the next few days, and just a little reddening on the chin straight afterwards. My complexion glowed in a very natural way. With the promise of refined texture and reduced ageing, and the permanent healing of blemishes, I’d certainly try this again.

As for the aftermath of the wrap (6.5 inches lost) it’s been a surprising morale booster. Stepping out of the pile of soggy bandages was a chilly experience, but yes, I was a new, lesser, woman. I felt – I feel – trimmer, and motivated to make some lifestyle changes to keep that going. Watch this space…

Bare Beauty
78 High Street • Bushey WD23 3HD
020 8950 4500

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