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Mad As A March Hair

18th March 2011

You’d be mad as a march hair not to read on, says Mary Linehan, who has the lowdown on the season’s directions from celebrity hairdresser Paul Edmonds…

What is eternally fascinating about fashion trends is that each new direction is generally an homage to a bygone era. Now there are some exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between and even these would probably reference the past somehow. Déjà vu must be one of the first reactions to any creation, whether it’s from the newest design wunderkind, or straight off the catwalk from the likes of Chanel, Dior and YSL as they reinvent themselves for the changing seasons of the 21st century. What goes around comes around. And hair is no different.

However, according to Knightsbridge-based celebrity stylist Paul Edmonds, the key looks that will be making headlines this spring may be rooted in the past, but are anything but predictable.
“The ‘70s Studio 54 look – sexy, long and loose wavy hair à la a young Jerry Hall – is a great, wearable look. It’s sexy and feminine and deconstructed. The curly bob, too, steps straight out of the 70s. All flicks and curls it’s Biba-esque, but this time round the cut is a very mixed texture and keeping the top and front smooth gives variation and a change of mood. This is a great look with a side parting.”

While acknowledging that the 70s is the biggest influence, Paul is clear that there are still a lot of options depending on personal style, or individuality. “A Calvin Klein minimalism is reflected in a sleek bob, or for the more sassy and daring, sculpted long layered cuts with short outline shapes… either worn soft and flat, or tousled or with teddy boy quiffs for the more daring.”

So far, so on trend. But that’s not the secret to making your hair work for you. Ensuring you come out of a salon with a look you want, and that suits you, is a collaborative process.

According to Paul, “There are many looks in fashion at one time, plus there are timeless looks that are more to do with what suits the individual. Do you see the doyenne of fashion, Anna Wintour, change style at the drop of a hem? No, she has style of her own that has become her signature look. Her trick is to subtly adapt her style each season so that she is never so far ahead of fashion that she becomes out of date as the fashion trends change. It’s a question of knowing what suits you.” Of course, Ms Wintour has access to the very best stylists, makeup artists and hair experts, but Paul believes strongly that “as hairdressers we should tantalise the client with new ways for wearing their hair, but really we have to look at what suits the client as an individual and fits with their lifestyle.”

And what else is hot for Spring and Summer 2011. “At Paul Edmonds, we have introduced what we are calling Paul Edmonds Naturalising. This involves enhancing brunettes and dark blondes with their natural tones. For this we are using natural colouring products that are less damaging and improve the hair quality, but at the same time give more shine and lasting colour. “ Literally, brown could be your new blonde! As for summer blondes, they’re multi-tonal, with golds and pastel blonde tones within them.

And those are the closing ‘headlines’ for spring summer hair this season…

Throughout his long career Knightsbridge-based celebrity stylist Paul Edmonds has been responsible for some of the most iconic hairstyles on some of the world’s most beautiful women. Paul Edmonds is at 166 Brompton Road, SW3 1HW. Call 020 7584 7754 to make an appointment for hair or beauty treatments.

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