Fabulous Feet…

5th November 2010

… aren't just for summer, says Mary Linehan

The best my feet have been all year was when I came back from a trip to Sarasota.

I’m not sure if it was the quality of the fine white sand on the Gulf Coast (oil free), but they were not just minus their hard skin but polished and much more efficient at absorbing moisturiser.

At home the big challenge was how to maintain the condition. The truth is that cared-for feet are most likely to be healthy feet and even in winter they should be cared for – boots or no boots.

Keeping on top (or should that be on bottom?) of the problem, Scholl has an excellent Hard Skin range that not only includes moisturisers and cream softeners, but for the most neglected feet, the ergonomic Hard Skin Remover, a very effective hand-held device, that has a cluster of blade-rings that allows you to scrape away stubborn, or larger areas of dead skin and is great for heels. Easy to use, it’s best applied using gentle pressure to clean, dry skin so that you don’t overdo the action. For smaller calluses or corns, Scholl’s range also includes the Hard Skin Softening Pen (£6.99). Daub on its lightweight lotion which contains salicylic and fruit acids, and you’ll soon see results.

Most experts will tell you: little and often when it comes to footcare. So, damage limitation will help cut down on the time you need to spend on repairs. Botanicals Natural Skin Care has a wonderful range, including its award-winning Natural Foot Balm.

Once a week, treat your feet to a Himalayan Crystal Mineral Foot Soak, infused with skin softening essential oils of spearmint, tea tree and peppermint, and follow with a refreshing, uplifting Lemongrass Foot Scrub. Simply pat dry, and feet are ready to moisturise with a rich cream, or balm. Natural Foot Balm is crammed with organic shea butter and cold-pressed organic oils, plus vitamin E, and is infused with pure uplifting minty and antibacterial essential oils. Definitely an award-winner with me, but there are more cost effective ways to care for your feet, too. Epsom Salts (from Boots and independents chemists) is a great foot soak and Boots, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose all have excellent, good-value creams for feet you can be proud of.



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