To The Beach, with MAC cosmetics. Summer 2010.

And The Bronze Award Goes To…

6th August 2010

Mary Linehan advises on perfect beach make-up

A full face of make up is not what I would really advocate for beachwear. In fact, personally, I can’t think of anything worse – although I have always used lipstick to protect my lips in the sun, and, with annoyingly invisible eyelashes, I’ve been known on occasion to resort to a few coats of waterproof mascara (not always to the best effect after a few dips in the sea…).

But, however much you favour the au naturel look, what do you do if a really glamorous beach-side lunch is on the menu, or you’re lucky enough to bag an invitation to eat aboard one of those swanky boats that line the harbour? That’s an occasion that probably does call for some effort.

Keep just a few of these products in your make-up bag, and you’ll be ready for any event at a moment’s notice.

Lancaster’s excellent Lancaster Face Bronzer SPF15 (£10.50) is a lightweight protective bronzer with calming aloe that will help even out your skin tone, camouflage any tell-tale redness and add some warmth where you might have lighter patches. For any quick repair jobs, or to reduce shine or create contour, Lancaster Terracotta Sun Powder SPF4 (£20) contains bio-melanin and calming complex to protect the skin and comes in a handy mirrored compact that slips into your beach bag.

Bobbi Brown has some hot heatproof, sweatproof and waterproof metallics infused with shimmer that can be used to great effect to highlight and emphasise eyes and, for a little extra colour, can be layered on with your finger tip. Metallic Long-wear Cream Shadows (£16) come in five shades inspired by the sea – Shore, Surf, Pink Oyster, Moonstone and Opal.

But MAC is the indisputable star of beach wearable make-up this season with its sultry-Tequila-Sunrise-esque To The Beach Summer 2010 Collection. A hot and sensual mix of colour cosmetics, it quite brilliantly encapsulates the essence of hanging out at the beach at that magical moment when the sun goes down. The whole range is a homage to marine life – packaging is decorated with seashells and sea horses, and shades include corals, marines, bronzes and metallics. There’s everything for lips (£12.50 for a lipstick), eyes (Shadows are £11), nails (£8), face and body (from £14.50). With names like Temperature’s Rising, Sand & Sun and Beachbound, I’m swept away…

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