Masterclass: The Perfect At-Home Spa Experience

16th April 2010

Organic Pharmacy Co-Founder Margo Marrone talks to Optima Magazine

Margo Marrone

Margo Marrone first established The Organic Pharmacy in 2002. A trained pharmacist/homeopath, Margo is passionate about luxurious organic beauty and sources most of the high quality ingredients
here in the UK.

Mary Linehan asked her for her top tips for creating a relaxing, refreshing and revitalising
spa-at-home experience…
What key products do you recommend should be part of any at-home spa ritual?

A home spa ritual can be a very powerful and wonderful experience. In order to get the head to toe experience, it’s vital to include the following as part of your product menu:

A good Body Scrub… My own preference is Seaweed Lemon & Eucalyptus Scrub. This is an exceptionally invigorating detoxifying scrub that leaves the skin polished and silky smooth.

Lovely Bath Oil… Bathing is ritualistic and there is something exceptionally comforting about the whole experience that encourages optimum relaxation. My favourite, Neroli Bath Oil, is uplifting and calming but also richly moisturising leaving a wonderful sheen on the skin.

Facial Exfoliator… I love Flower Petal Exfoliator & Mask. This mask really draws out impurities, calms and brightens the complexion and leaves the skin primed for the wonderful benefits of your chosen face mask.

A nourishing Face and Eye Mask… Honey & Jasmine is a perfect nourishing mask that acts like a drink for thirsty skin. Honey is also fantastic for the skin if you are suffering from any breakouts.

Which is the best way to get the most benefits from your products?

Begin with an empty bath and step inside the tub. Starting from the feet literally exfoliate the entire body. Next exfoliate your face and neck, gently. Take your time as you apply each product. Rinse everything off with warm water and pat dry. I always warm a big clean bath sheet on the radiator and wrap myself in it. Now fill the bath and add a generous splash of your favourite bath oil to the running water. With all the hard work done, it’s time to apply your nourishing face mask and relax in the fragrant bath water.

At-home spa rituals are often associated with winter. Can you adapt a spa experience for spring?

Absolutely. Adapt your product menu depending on your preferences and/or mood, or the needs of your body. For example, to relax, jasmine bath oil is perfect, or lavender. For aches and pains – if you’ve been getting outdoors a little more and doing exercise as the weather improves – choose the Arnica range. To detox or to revitalise then a Lemon and Eucalyptus blend is preferable and an ideal choice for spring time.

What would you use in the bathroom to create the perfect ambience?

A non-synthetic candle is great. There are so many beautiful candles to choose from. Again, you can theme the fragrance of the candle to maximise the benefits you are looking to take from your treatment. Lavender is a marvelous relaxing fragrance, rose is a great tonic and jasmine lifts the spirits. Turn off the phone and close the door. Maybe open a good book, too.

And, finally, just a couple of tips…

Bath temperature should be comfortable but not too hot. Finish with water slightly cooler than body temperature.

Enjoy a nice cup of tea after your treatment. As well as being a great thirst quencher, tea has many of its own properties to enhance the benefits of your home spa ritual. For example, dandelion is detoxing, ginger is warming… so great if you are going to bed soon after your treatment.

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Optima Magazine Beauty Editor’s Tip:

Try Miller Harris fragrant teas…

They come in leaf form – I just put a spoonful in a cup, add hot water and let it steep for a while. Thé Violette (£9.95) is Darjeeling, blended with violet, blackcurrant and green mulberry. Delicious – and utterly perfect post-spa.

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