Boom Bang A Bang

11th September 2009

Lulu has a new number one: Time Bomb skin care for women at the front line of the anti-ageing battle.

Mary Linehan explains...

Just one look – and Lulu would seem to have found the secret of eternal youth. Sure, she has access to the best facialists and makeup artists, not to mention the use of clever photographers and subtle lighting, but there’s no doubting she looks great.

Already well-known as a singer-songwriter, actress, model and television personality, she can also add cosmetics businesswoman to her list of credits, thanks to Time Bomb skin care, launched sucessfully in 2007.

A capsule range comprising seven products, it’s armed with the latest ingredients to combat sagging, thinning, dryness, wrinkling and dulling (there is no poetic way to describe the adverse effects that time, sun and other environmental and lifestyle factors have on the skin!). Each product has been expertly researched and developed, using ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, peptides, lipids, omegas and botanicals to deliver results.

There are some delightful products – and quirky names – here. Stars include Youth Juice Secret Oil (£30) made with olive, kukui, avocado and jojoba oils, plus antioxidant vitamins E and C, to help restore and balance the skin’s age-diminished sebum levels. Glory Days Day Cream (£25) has hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and borage oil to moisturise, plump and help improve elasticity. Flashback Night Cream (£30) is also formulated with hyaluronic acid, plus wheatgerm oil and vitamin E for an overnight hydration boost.

Two new treats have now been added (although I’m not too sure about their names, personally): Body Bombshell Sole Survivor Foot Cream and Conditioning Socks (£24) to keep hard skin and callused soles at bay, and Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw & Chest Cream (£30) specifically targeting the area of the body, which, perhaps more than any other, shows the signs of ageing most acutely.

Lulu’s Time Bomb range is available exclusively on QVC and at

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