Eyes Right

3rd July 2009

Keeping those eyes bright and refreshed is key to a stylish summer look, says Mary Linehan

Get Your Waterproofs Out – Summer’s Here!

Unless you’re investing in extensions, the best tip for eye definition when you’re jumping in and out of swimming pools is a good waterproof mascara.

Prescriptives new Here To Stay 24 Hour Long Wear Mascara (£15.66) has a brilliant formulation with Teflon and Longwear Polymers and a great brush for lash definition. Prescriptives is a Gold Standard when it comes to mascaras – worth the investment.

New Maybelline Define A Lash (£8.99) comes in two formulas – one to lengthen and one to build volume without clumping – and two shades. Easy on the eye.

Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara (£8.80) is a lightweight gel formulation for long-lasting waterproof colour and fuller, curlier, longer lashes. Available in 3 shades. Works for me.

Prescriptives – www.prescriptives.co.uk
Maybelline nationwide
Revlon - 0800 085 2716

Roll On The Sun

If bright sunlight, glare or tired computer eyes are a problem, this fantastic little roll-on eye gel – Laveré Hydro Energy Cool Eye (£27.50) – is a girl’s best friend. It’s a blend of 16 certified natural and organic cooling, reparative and protective ingredients that include apricot, pomegranate and mango… you simply roll on around the delicate eye area to feel instantly cooler and more refreshed.

I often have a problem with eye balms and more often than not my eyes look puffier than I’d like. This really worked for me. I use it now before bed and carry it around for a quick fix during the day – even applying it over my makeup.

Available by mail order on 01557 870568
or online at www.lavere.co.uk

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