Scared To Bare?

8th May 2009

Don’t be … there are ways to help you get ready for the beach.

Mary Linehan advises

The truth of a great beach body is goodness: good genes, good diet and lifestyle with plenty of exercise, and a good work ethic. No matter how fortunate you are genetically, having a fabulous beach body requires commitment with a capital C and practising a little often, rather than a lot infrequently. Luckily, results-led salon treatments, plus the plethora of high-tech body products available in-store should see some excellent results in time for even the earliest summer holidays.

The benefits of salon treatments are worth trying to fit in before jetting off. Nothing beats the expertise of a good therapist, with the additional benefits of deep tissue massage and product properly applied to the body including the parts that you can’t possibly reach.

There are two pre-holiday treatments that come highly recommended. Gerard’s Shea Bliss (£45 for one hour) is available at Bliss Beauty, Croxley Green, who say “the moisturising and emollient properties of 100% shea butter optimise skin hydration to help combat the drying effects of the sun.” Bliss is running a summer offer: book a course of five treatments and get the sixth free.

Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap (£60) is an intense detox combining the benefits of sea plants and marine algae to boost lymphatic drainage. The Senior Therapist at Veda Salon in Moor Park, says “it refines the body’s contours, relieving the discomfort of fluid retention and appearance of cellulite.”

Exfoliate, Moisturise and Redefine yourself daily to help improve skin texture, appearance and tone and to eliminate toxins. Crucially these actions also combine to prepare the body for applying sunscreen to ensure the maximum levels of protection.

Exfoliate: A good body buffer helps remove dead skin cells, stimulates the microcirculation and leaves skin smoother.

Espa Detoxifying Salt Scrub (£26.50) is a tangy blend of mineral-rich sea salts and stimulating essential oils of grapefruit, cypress, rosemary and eucalyptus. Garnier Sugar Scrub (£6.99), meanwhile, is deliciously zesty, incorporating sugar for a slightly less radical scrub action.

Moisturise: Moisturisers rehydrate, condition and protect the skin, help combat moisture loss and protect and boost skin tone and texture.

According to Noella Gabriel, Director of Product and Treatment Development at Elemis, “the skin works on a 21 day cycle, so even if you are a late starter, three weeks before a holiday is still enough to condition your body.”

Nivea Sunkissed Skin Firming Gradual Tan Body Lotion (£6.15) with grapeseed oil is one of the new generation of intense moisturisers that give the skin with a hint of colour. Also, check out Lancôme Nutrix Royal Body (£31.50), rich in texture and healing, and rejuvenating Royal Jelly for dry to very dry skin.

Redefine: As we age, skin naturally loses firmness and tone so any cellulite is emphasised, especially around the hips, thighs and the tricky inner arm.

Liz Earle’s new Energising Hip & Thigh Gel (£16.50) is a botanical body treatment with active herbal extracts of gingko, ivy and caffeine to boost lymph drainage. Elemis Pro Collagen Body Serum Intensive Lift (£45) is an intensive burst of moisture that also helps lift and restore firmness so it’s ideal for the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

If the upper body is a problem area, Lancôme Magistrale Anti-aging Redefining Treatment (£31.50) uses complex advanced technology, caffeine and marine extracts to improve the inner arms and décolletage. Clarins High Definition Body Lift (£32) has a patented formula of 8 plant extracts suspended in a cream-gel to streamline, boost tone and lift the skin from the ankles to the waist.

Stockists details and mail order:
Elemis – 01278 727 830;
Lancôme – counters nationwide;
Liz Earle – 01983 813913;
Garnier - nationwide;
Clarins – 0800 036 3558.

Bliss Beauty, 307 Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green. 01923 771822

Veda, 20 Main Avenue, Moor Park. Tel: 01923 825379

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