Bad Hair Days?

8th May 2009

A good cut, an inspired colourist and the right shampoo and conditioner are essential… but a good hairbrush is money well spent, too. Mary Linehan offers a few quick dos and don’ts.

:: Do invest in a good hairbrush that suits your daily needs, but don’t expect to use it for every look. Brushes are designed for different hair lengths and to help create different styles.

:: Do make sure it’s made of natural bristle, or a natural/nylon mix with smooth/rounded pins.

:: Do clean your brush regularly.

:: Don’t brush wet hair dragging it from root to tip. Always detangle wet hair with a wide toothed comb or a brush with wide set pins.

:: Don’t brush your hair one hundred times a day. This is excessive and will only cause damage. A routine of three minutes for short hair, five minutes for long is sufficient.

:: Best way to brush: bend over and brush gently in long strokes from the hairline at the nape of the neck forwards through to the ends of the hair, moving around to include each side of the head. Finish upright, brushing backwards from the hairline on the forehead. The changes in body position and gentle pulling action on the scalp stimulate circulation and increase the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle.

And a few brushes for grooming, styling and generally making hair glossy and gorgeous:

The Denman Classic Styling: A half round shape with smooth rounded nylon pins and rubber cushion that smoothes and helps shape most styles. Available in three sizes to suit all hair lengths. From £4.75 to £7.50.

The Denman Vent: A professional styling tool with a vented base that allows warm air to circulate and aid blowdrying. The pins are set wide apart so you can even use this to detangle wet hair. £4.95.

The Denman Paddle Brush has smooth, round ended nylon pins on a soft, air-cushioned pad. This is designed specifically to groom very long hair, leaving it soft and shiny. £6.95 & £8.95.

The Mason Pearson Brush: Mason Pearson Brothers Ltd. has been hand making its rubber cushioned classic hairbrushes since 1885. The Rolls Royce of hairbrushes is available in a range of sizes, there’s even a ‘sensitive’ version for thinning hair. They’ll last years if looked after, but expect to pay anything from £15 to £100.

Denman brushes are available from Boots, John Lewis, Selfridges and
independent chemists nationwide.
Mason Pearson is at 37 Old Bond Street, London, W1 or

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