Makeup and Mend

22nd February 2019

What can you do if you favour high-end over budget when it comes to beauty, but are still feeling the post-seasonal financial pinch? Joanne Dodds of hair products website offers some great advice for revitalising products by extending their shelf lives, finding alternative uses for broken items, cutting down on waste – and generally making the most of your makeup…

Help from hot water:
If mascara is starting to run out, tightly secure the cap and place it into a bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes. 
The heat softens the dry mascara in the bottle, enabling canny consumers to use up every last drop before a new purchase is necessary.
This trick should also work for refreshing nail varnish that has gone gloopy or has a lid that has stiffened up too much.

Store make-up wisely:

Pencils need to be kept in a cool, dry place as they may start to melt in warm locations, such as near radiators or in a steam-filled bathroom. Nail polish, lipstick and perfume could also see their shelf life shortened by warm air, so even consider using the fridge for any particularly precious products.
It’s common sense to make sure lids are screwed on tightly, caps are secured firmly and any portable items aren’t roughly thrown or dropped in handbags or backpacks.

Rehydrate dry products:

The lifespan of an expensive foundation can be extended by mixing in a drop or two of face lotion or alcohol-free toner, which will turn it into more of a tinted moisturiser but still give reasonable coverage.

Adding a small amount of saline solution could, meanwhile, revive dried gel liners, mascaras or creams. Dried out crumbled powder and lipstick can also be repurposed into coloured lip balms by mixing them with some petroleum jelly in a new container. 

Fix snapped lipstick:

Working safely, and minding fingers, use a match, candle or lighter to heat both the end of a broken-off half of a lipstick and the top of the tube it came from, so that they begin to melt slightly and soften.

At this point, press the two sections together for a few moments until they cool and firm up, to become a single solid lipstick again.
Repurpose interesting products:

If there’s a colour or two on an eye shadow pallet that are never destined to be worn, mix them in a separate container with a clear top coat to create a vibrant nail polish.

Other ways to reuse scraps from makeup bags include mixing the final drops of a bottle of perfume into an unscented body lotion.
Don’t waste anything:

Cut open tubes and containers to scrape out and use every last bit of product stuck inside rather than buying a replacement immediately.

Use a brush to use up any lipstick left behind in solid plastic applicators that can’t be sliced.

To refresh powdered makeup products, lightly press packaging tape against it to remove the strange, hard film that can develop on top.

Crushed or crumbled powder prodcuts – such as blushers, foundations or eye shadows – can be preserved by pressing a few drops of rubbing alcohol into them.

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