Ocean Liners

24th April 2009

Love the thought of bright eye colour but apprehensive about it even so? Charlotte Matheson, in-house Makeup Artist for B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful says go for it, but observe the rules. She advises, “Bright colour all over the lid will accentuate any signs of ageing by sinking into lines. Use brightly coloured liners and keep the line close to the base of the lashes. The trick is not to panic, don’t rush and do it in stages if you need. And make sure you apply your line before any mascara.”

Liquid Eyeliner by Barry M

Stunning aqua blue/greens reminiscent of the Caribbean are perhaps the trickiest to carry off. I’ve tried them out following Charlotte’s masterclass in application and can now line my eyes without stopping – and I’ve managed to avoid the Bet Lynch barmaid look!

Three of the best and brightest are:

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Cream Eyeshadow in Brigade (£11.75). This deep aqua green has a super slim brush applicator, intense colour and skin conditioning oils to soothe.

New Barry M Turquoise is a great shade and great value at £4.50.

And MAC Liquidlast (£12.72) in Blue Horizon is a colourful long-lasting liner that doesn’t flake or smudge.

For stockist details: Barry M: 020 8349 2992;

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