Life's a Beach…

14th July 2017

If your idea of holiday-heaven is planting yourself on a sun lounger for a fortnight, and the thought of a gorgeous sandy beach makes you sigh with longing, then these summer beauty essentials are for you, says Lisa Botwright…

Nothing says ‘relaxation’ more to a sun-worshipper than a golden glow. We all know that sun-tanning is bad for our skin, but the temptation to banish that winter pallor with a hint of bronze is just too irresistible. Even if you’re conscientious about keeping out of the rays as much as possible and try to spend your beach-time lazing under a big parasol, it’s inevitable that you’ll still catch the sun while swimming, shopping or staggering back from the bar with a round of Tequila Sunrises.

So – as long as you promise to wear a big hat and slather on the SPF30 regularly – here are some goodies to complement your cherished fortnight in the sun.

A good body exfoliator is a must. Getting rid of your dry and flaky bits will help to improve skin tone and combat the appearance of cellulite, will detoxify your skin and will help your tan last longer. Try Mrs Frisbee’s natural range – their award-winning body wash contains natural pumice and anti-ageing sea buckthorn oil. In place of a body lotion afterwards, consider using a tan accelerator a couple of weeks before you go away. As well as richly hydrating shea butter and jojoba oil, this Elemis accelerating cream also contains tyrosine, an amino acid naturally present in the body and used by skin cells to form melanin. The benefit is that you’ll tan in less time, and therefore with less sun exposure, but do remember that your skin will be just as sensitive – don’t scrimp on the protection later on.

Since sun damage in the form of age spots or even more lines and wrinkles is the last thing you want, invest in a powerful anti-ageing lotion, especially designed for the face, that will really punch above its weight in terms of protection from photo-ageing – such as Sisley’s ‘youth protector’ range. Come the evening, you’ll need a good cleanser to remove all the excess oil and SPF in one go: Renew’s gel cleanser promises to do just that. And don’t forget to protect your hair too, by using an aftersun formula that will rinse out damaging salt water and chlorine, and will help minimise further damage with a UV filter. Finally, if the worst happens, and you do get a little burned, then help is at hand with this aloe vera soothing gel… but that’s not going to happen, is it? You promised!

Exfoliating Body Wash

£12.95 - 250ml

Tan Accelerator

£23 - 125ml

Super Soin Solaire Facial Sun Care

SPF30 £139 - 60ml

Gel Cleanser

£34 - 100ml

Aldo Coppola Aquamare Shampoo

£26 - 200ml

Soothing Skin Gel

£9.99 75ml

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