Festival Fundamentals

30th June 2017

Summer’s here and so, too, is festival season. Lisa Botwright brings an edit of the hardest working beauty must-haves…

Whether your idea of a festival is relaxing in a deck chair, sipping Pimms and savouring the wafting strains of mellow jazz or jumping up and down in a field, shoulder to shoulder with 10,000 like-minded fans, shouting out the lyrics to your favourite indie anthem, there’s bound to something out there for you. There are now over a thousand festivals held each year in the UK, ranging in musical tastes from classical to rock and everything in between.

And just as varied is the kind of accommodation available. If you’re best friends with the headline act, expect to be helicoptered in and shown straight to your purpose-built VIP glamping village, where you’ll sleep on high thread count linen and enjoy a hot shower every morning. There’ll even be blow-dry bars and makeup artists on tap to cater for every beauty eventuality. However, if you’re like 99% of the rest of the festival-going population, the reality may not be so glamorous. The chances are that it will include a hot, stuffy, nylon tent to sleep in, and lots of breath-holding trips to the nearest portaloo. A hot shower? More like a splash of water from one of the bottles of Volvic you managed to lug with you on the three mile trek from your car.

If this is the case, you’ll need hardworking, multitasking beauty products you can rely on; this is no time for a bulging makeup bag. The latest Charlotte Tilbury compact is one such fabulous edit. You know how palettes can sometimes be false economy when you only use one or two colours? Not in this case. This is your highlighter, bronzer, blush and eye makeup all in one place. Use on top of the lovely Ren BB cream, which works with light and medium skin tones to even out your complexion, and gives a non-oily, satin finish. With its creamy texture and SPF15 included, there’s no need for a separate day cream. Accessorise with a quick coat of your favourite mascara – or better still consider dyeing your lashes beforehand: the perfect holiday hack – and some longlasting, moisturising lipstick. Stila’s latest offering, infused with peppermint oil for a fresh feel, is aptly named ‘Summer 2017’.

Don’t forget to pop a packet of tissues and a hand sanitiser in your (cross-body) bag. One trip to those portaloos and you’ll realise why. Dr Bronner’s hand sanitiser is made with lavender organic essential oil and has no chemical nasties, but is no less effective.

After a hard day of listening to music and relaxing with friends, you’ll be ready to crash once you get back to your tent. And with no running water, your usual cleansing routine will have to take a backseat. This is where facial cleaning wipes – the ultimate anathema normally in the beauty world – come into their own. Happily, the Body Shop ones are a cut above: infused with soothing vitamin E oil, and fully biodegradeable.

If you still crave a little bit of luxury, the new argan and orange blossom elixir from Chorleywood-based artisans soapNskin will multitask perfectly. Use this delicious oil as a night cream, a body oil (it gives a fabulous sheen to bare legs) or as a daytime antidote to frizzy hair. If those showers are still elusive the next morning, another beauty essential is a little dry shampoo and you’re good to go.

And then depending on how many days you have left, you’ll find it’s just a case of eat, sleep, relax, repeat. Hopefully in the sunshine…

Instant Look in a Palette Beauty Glow £49
• charlottetilbury.com
Satin Perfection BB Cream £29
• renskincare.com
Color Balm Lipstick - Summer 2017 £16
• stila.co.uk
Lavender Organic Hand Sanitiser £4.49
• drbronner.co.uk
Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes £7
• thebodyshop.com
Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir £42
• soapnskin.com
Prêt-à-powder (dry shampoo) £8
• bumbleandbumble.co.uk

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