Are you Multi-masking?

13th January 2017

According to beauty bloggers, if you’re not double-masking – or even multi-masking – you’re not doing it right. Lisa Botwright looks at the latest trend in skincare and the ever-growing quest for glowing skin…

Not to be confused with multi-tasking – although that’s a handy skill too, as the woman in the picture above can attest – multi-masking is the latest beauty trend taking social media by storm. It involves mapping your face into its different problem areas: ie oily T-zone, dry cheeks, under-eye puffiness etc – and applying several face masks on these areas all at the same time. For busy women everywhere, it’s at once absurdly narcissistic… and also makes perfect, efficient sense – especially to those with problem or combination skin.

Never mind that this trend might just be an annoying excuse for ridiculously beautiful bloggers to take patchwork selfies – multi-masking does actually work, and is a great opportunity to customise the contents of your bathroom cabinet. I have various face-masks at home, a collection of mostly presents and samples (oddly, they’re often the last skincare product that I actually think to buy myself – although that may change, as we’ll see); they aren’t getting used because I’m generally worried that the rich mask for dry skin might give me spots, or the decongesting one will dry out my cheeks. After using them the multi-making way, I can vouch that they worked brilliantly. And for those of you sighing that it’s just another way for the beauty industry to get us to spend even more money… certainly, we’ll be spending twice as much initially, but the masks will last twice as long. Result.

For maximal (maskimal) results, try a quick spritz of Origins’ skin-optimising mask primer first, after removing your makeup and cleansing. I’m a big fan of makeup primers, but one for face-masks? Who knew? Although it might seem decadent, if you’re a regular mask user, it makes sense to ensure you’re getting the best out of them.

If you have the time and inclination – post-party-season recovery, or a special occasion coming up, perhaps – try double-masking. Not two masks at the same time (keep up!) but one after the other. A good quality deep-cleansing mask, such as Glamglow’s Supermud Clearing Treatment, will have the added bonus of giving your face a good exfoliation too – all the better to prep your skin for the next stage – ready to be followed by a restorative face-plumping treat. I tried Estée Lauder’s Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask – one of the new on-trend sheet masks, and it’s very impressive. I may have looked like an extra from Doctor Who, with the Cyberman-style foil clinging to the countours of my face – but the design is meant to improve the penetration of the highly potent ingredients by stopping them evaporating. Afterwards, rather than washing away the precious residue, I massaged it into the skin like a nightcream – and the next morning my skin was super-velvety soft: an almost airbrushed version of its usual self. Much more effective than my usual routine of dousing my face in night cream and facial oil.

Like Trump, only less egotistical, the new face masks are powerful stuff and all set to be huge in 2017. Whether you choose to multi-mask or single-mask, they’re a grown-up way to add another dimension to your skincare routine.

Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer

£18.50 •

Supermud Clearing Treatment

£39 •

Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask

£58 for four •

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