Spring Is In The Air

27th March 2009

Mary Linehan offers seasonal suggestions for your health and beauty routine.

Spring Forward

When you think pink, what colour springs to mind? Apart from the Shocking shade, pink is almost certainly softer, almost shy, even, when juxtaposed with the bold neons that generally burst forth for summer. Sweet nothings…

Pink has a great place in beauty and fashion; it comes round again (and again) every few seasons for the simple reason that it works – whatever your skin tone.

As we march into spring ‘09, pink is on every palette from chic prestige makeup artist range NARS to trusty No. 7. And there are enough hues and gold-flecked pairings to take you from demure, natural-looking daywear to dramatic bright nights.

The season’s makeup bag must-haves…

For eyes, Nars dynamic Duo Eyeshadow in Hula Hula (£23) is a delicious strawberry pink paired with eye brightening, gold-laden soft hazelnut. Also from Nars, Baby Girl Single Shadow (£15) is a playful shade of cute cotton candy with golden undertones.

If vivacious and dazzling would be more in character, then highlight pink lids with Maharani Gold Precious Sari glitter eye shadow (£17.12) from Givenchy’s Bollywood-inspired Sari Glow Spring/ Summer 09 selection.

With a sweep of pink makeup genius, Shu Uemura has created Me Pink Drawing Pencil (£14) for extra definition.

To give a luminous, iridescent glow to cheekbones, check out Givenchy‘s Maharani Pink Blush (£26.92), or, for a softly radiant contour, invest in new Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Cheekcolour (£20).

Since pink is on everyone’s lips, Boots No. 7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick (£10) has a selection of delicious pinkness to suit all.

For me, though, the pièce de la résistance is MAC Cremesheen Glass (£12.72) – a limited edition range of raunchy, mouth-drenching glosses. Try stunning Fashion Scoop, a pale, pearlised cool baby pink, or Partial To Pink, described as a light creamy yellow pink with gold pearls.

For mail order and stockist details:
Shu Uemura – call 020 7235 2375
Givenchy – call 01932 233 824
Elizabeth Arden – counters are in
leading department stores and larger Boots.
No. 7 – Boots stores nationwide.

Spring Clean

It’s not just the house that can benefit from a clean sweep. Most well-being experts agree spring is the ideal time to access all areas, make a few conscious changes and reap the benefits in mind and body.

… Your Emotional Life:

Liz Wilde, Life Coach and Author, says “Each time you feel fearful, or on a negative spiral, stop your mind mid-thought with a simple question – ‘Is that true?’ Wallowing in your fears creates more. Change your perspective with another question, ‘What else is possible?’ This takes your focus from the victim-based ‘I can’t’ to the far more powerful ‘How can I?’ Ask your brain a ‘How Can I?’ question, and it will automatically start looking for answers.”

…Your Skin:

REN Mayblossom & Cypress Cleanser(£16.50) captures the essence of spring, and, rather aptly, Ren is Swedish for clean. This sulfate-free facial wash cleanses and balances combination skin especially gently. Harnessing the bio-active benefits of mayblossom, willow bark and Australian blue cypress oil, it dissolves excess sebum and dead cells, decongests pores and helps prevent spots.

…Inside Out:

Margo Marrone of The Organic Pharmacy, says: “As the sun re-emerges and the weather gets warmer, our bodies naturally energise. Seasonal food changes mean green shoots and salads become available enabling us to start the cleansing process and embark on a full detox programme. So, spring is the perfect season to take on a deep body cleanse and re-store balance and energy after a hard winter.”

The Organic Pharmacy Home Detox Kit (£137.02) is a complete cleanse programme that encourages eating well rather than deprivation. It comes complete with everything you need to rid the body of toxins, help improve internal organ function and boost health.

For more information, mail order and stockists details: www.wildelifecoaching.com

Spring In Your Step

Aka ‘Trainer to the Stars’, Matt Roberts’s clients include Amanda Holden, Mel C and Naomi Campbell. And some of that X-factor has rubbed off – he’s certainly a bit of a star himself now, with personal training clubs in some of London’s swankiest addresses, including a new studio in Chelsea in April, books, newspaper columns and clothing range.

Matt’s ‘Spring In Your Step’ recommendations make a great deal of sense: “To kick-start your body and get it ready for spring there’s no better way than exercising outdoors. Walking, jogging, sprinting, riding, cycling and doing sports in the park with kids or friends will give you a great physical boost after the long and cold winter.”

It’s not just a walk in the park… “Exercising outdoors,” continues Matt, “wakens your muscles by improving their tone, stimulates your immune system by improving blood pressure and lowers your stress levels by reducing heart and respiratory rate. Get out there and start enjoying the spring!”

Check out www.mattroberts.co.uk for fitness tips, and info
about Matt’s studios, or call a local trainer to sign up
for some one-on-one spring encouragement.

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