Pic © Benefit’s Now to Wow Brow Collection. Model applies Ready, Set, Wow.

Brow to Wow

29th July 2016

Brows are big – writes Lisa Botwright…big in shape, big in definition and big business for the cosmetics industry who offer a myriad of options for teasing, taming and tinting. But although a big negative is that all this can add another 10 guilt-inducing minutes to our morning routine, there are also big advantages to the way that well-proportioned eyebrows can subtract years from our face…

When Cara Delevigne’s trademark eyebrows strode confidently onto the catwalk in the early 2010s, they not only made their young, beautiful and kooky-cool-Brit owner rich and successful, they also brought eyebrows back onto the fashion map and defined eye make-up trends for half a decade to come. And with catwalk fashion for autumn/winter 2016/17 still all about the eyebrows, the trend gives no sign of abating.

Just as Cara makes hundreds and thousands of teenage girls late for school as they wrestle with pencils, gels and power to re-create the look – so our eyebrow heroines will have defined our own attitude to maintenance. From Twiggy’s thinly plucked arches in the 60s, copied later in the 90s by a very young Kate Moss, to Ali Mcgraw’s more natural look in the 70s, leading to Madonna’s rebellious untamed look in her Desperately Seeking Susan era – it’s easy to spot the waxing and waning of brow trends.

So what do we do if we were a little heavy-handed with the tweezers as a teen, and now feel inspired to emulate the thick, face-defining brows we see in magazines?
Well, it’s easy to cheat now, with a serious proliferation of specialist products on the market, from the budget Essence eyebrow kit, with its choice of nicely toned powders and brushes, to New CID’s award-winning soft waxy pencil in neutral, with its handy spoolie attached.

For even more ‘oomph’, try Wunderbrow, which contains micro-fibres and pigment that attach to your brows making them instantly much fuller and thicker. With all these products, the most important thing is to match the shade and tone to your natural colouring – otherwise your look will be more unnatural and overpowering than trendy and flattering.

If your eyebrows are particularly sparse, perhaps even due to ill-health, you may feel tempted to invest in Revitabrow, a serum designed to condition and help repair patchy and thinning eyebrows. It’s not cheap, but the results are effective. One commentator on life-begins-at.co.uk, the life-affirming website aimed at post-menopausal women, said that it has completely restored her thinning eyebrows since starting an early menopause at 40.

Don’t make the mistake, though, of thinking that this trend is as natural or untamed as Madonna’s look in the 80s. Just as a face-full of ‘natural’ make-up can take longer to apply than the usual stuff, today’s eyebrows are more pampered than ever before. Take Benefit’s glorious new Brow Collection... it offers more than a dozen specialist products, just for two little strips of hair that we wouldn’t have given much thought to a decade ago, apart from the occasional wax or tweeze.

But perplexed wonderment aside, I do love the new Ready, Set, Brow fixing gel from this range and it’s become my new every day staple. A quick comb through with this clear gel gives the illusion of perfectly groomed brows in nano-seconds and the uplifting effect is very flattering too, making my brows, all ready and set to go.

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