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15th July 2016

Lisa Botwright shares some personal favourites...

Who knew there was so much choice? With the general consensus now that sun protection is a must – not just in the summer, but all-year round: and certainly as an anti-ageing precaution for the face – it means that suncream is big business.

It’s definitely worth investing in products suited to your skin type and also for where you’ll be wearing it – whether that’s on holiday somewhere gorgeous and hot, or staying put for some hit-and-miss English sunshine.

Ultrasun have created a range without perfume or preservatives, thanks to their airless dispensers, which means their products are perfect for helping to avoid sun allergies such as prickly heat or Mallorca acne (which I thought was a lighthearted dig at people, like me, who suffer from seasonal congested skin and ‘holiday spots’ – until I read that this is an actual thing, with a posh Latin name of acne aestivalis.) Amongst the wealth of Ultrasun’s options for anti-ageing, for sport lovers and for children –you’ll find my absolute favourite, the Glimmer range, which adds a welcome, airbrush-effect sheen to the skin. And frankly, who wouldn’t want that?

Eucerin work with dermatologists, and dispense through pharmacies, so they have a pleasingly authoritative and scientific edge to their brand. Try out their online questionnaire to create a personal profile based on your particular skintype – such as the mattifying lotion for combatting oiliness and high shine (or even that dreaded Mallorca acne!). The big department store counters also have their own offerings – Clarins has always been one of my go-to brands for suncream, and they’ve recently built on their range by launching a new dry oil spray for hair and body.

Even if you’re staying at home though, comfort yourself and your skin by investing in a high quality facial UV defender, such as Dr Weil’s Mega-Defence lotion, which not only acts as a sunscreen, but also offers a moisture barrier to help prevent daily damage caused by pollution and other irritants. Its partner product, the Barrier-Boosting
Essence oil, is a sublime addition to your night-time routine.

Another natural option is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose high protection moisturiser, with a blend of essential oils so olfactorily delicious that it will transport you mentally, if not physically, to a more restful place.

And never does the mantra fake-it-until-you-make-it apply more importantly than when it comes to keeping up with your holiday-bronzed friends. Try Olay Everyday Sunshine for a combination of SPF protection, a lovely light moisturiser and a genuinely natural-looking sun kissed glow.

Products Reviewed:
Ultrasun Glimmer Shimmering Sun Protection SPF50 £22 •
Sun Care Radiant Oil Spray High Protection SPF 30 £20 •
Dr Weil for Origins Daily UV Defender SPF 45 £32 •
Olay essentials complete Care Plus Everyday Sunshine £9.99 •
Wild Rose Moisturising SPF 30 For Face £25 •
Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 30 £15 •

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