Spring Into Spring Into Summer

11th April 2014

Now that the clock has sprung forward, the resulting loss of an hour’s sleep is more than compensated for by the immediate sense that the new season is here. But the fresh air and the sunshine bring their own problems… chapped hands from gardening, or skin that isn’t as radiant as we might like, for example.  Here’s a range of solutions to the little seasonal problems we might encounter, so that by the time spring slides into summer we’re ready for whatever life and the weather throw at us…


Comes the spring, comes the realisation that we really should be protecting our skin from the sun, at home as well as on those breaks that get us into the sun when there’s little enough of it here.

Aethic is a sunscreen that not only promises to nurture the skin that it protects, but also uses only 100% coral safe ingredients. Tested in tropical and Mediterranean waters, it’s the world’s first Marine Positive (marinepositive.com) sunscreen.

As well as being ethical, it’s also rather lovely to use. It smells good, feels good and isn’t too thick on the skin. Its luxury formula includes three photo-stable sun filters, three organic moisturisers (olive oil, beeswax and coconut extract), skin nourishing antioxidant vitamin E and only food grade preservatives. It’s a win-win for your skin and the oceans.

From £41 • www.aethic.com


With the seasonal change in the light, skin can look dull and lifeless, however well you’ve tried to care for it over winter. Restore and revitalise – before exposing to spring and summer sunshine – with newly reformulated Odylique Superfruit Concentrate. High energy extracts of sea buckthorn protect from UV-damage and help cells to regenerate, pomegranate protects and repairs, rosehip smoothes and also renews cells.

Great under make-up and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Smoothe two or three drops over the skin daily or whenever you feel in need of an instant radiance boost.

Over a 30 year history, Essential Care has earned its eco-credentials (and a whole clutch of awards) with a superbly effective range, based entirely on organic herbs, plant oils and natural active ingredients.

£33 • www.essential-care.co.uk


Many people hesitate to put oil-based products on their skin for fear of clogging pores or causing breakouts, but this fear, although understandable, is misplaced. Even traditioanally ‘oily’ skin needs moisture: it just needs the right kind.

Murad (mission: to help people look younger, feel healthier and live happier) have a delicious new Renewing Cleansing Oil, their very first cleansing oil, designed to revitalise and purify the skin while locking in moisture. It removes make-up and impurities, relieves dryness and restores suppleness so that the face has a hydrated, youthful glow that feels as fresh and soft as the season.

The secret to its success lies in a list of ingredients that sound almost good enough to eat. Pomegranate, grape seed and sunflower seed oils, plus olive fruit extract, all gently cleanse and hydrate skin; jojoba and liquorice nourish and hydrate dry, cracked skin, while the sweet almond oil provides moisture to soothe and soften.

£29 • www.murad.co.uk


When green fingers are constantly exposed to the elements, hands can get dry, cracked and sore – and that takes all the pleasure out of gardening.

Mastic Care Hand Cream is a wonderfully rich, regenerating concoction that contains a natural tree resin – mastic gum – that can help with healing. This natural resin oozes from the trunk of Pistacia lentiscus trees in the southern part of Chios island in Greece, where it’s been used both as a dietary supplement and as a natural remedy for cracked and infected skin for hundreds of years. It’s anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant, and can guard against skin ulcers and infected calluses. Ideal for seasoned and non-seasoned gardeners alike.

£9.95 • www.skinshop.co.uk

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