It’s Not Just About The Colour…

14th February 2014

Nail treatments are suddenly at the top of everyone’s list for a fun, affordable indulgence. With the right manicure and colour now becoming the norm as well as a luxury, it’s no surprise that the number of nail bars in the UK has increased by 20% in the past year, but there are certain precautionary steps you should take before offering up your hand or foot for someone’s tender (or not so tender) ministrations.

Suki Bassi of Spa Bar London, based in Northwood, offers some helpful suggestions.

Fashion trends have been transforming women’s nails into stylish accessories, easily affordable and available on nearly every High Street.

Once a nail biter myself, I was surprised at how easily I was able to walk into a nail salon, and be given a treatment with little or no information exchanged in advance. Before I knew it I was hooked on acrylic nails, reliant on nail enhancements with my natural nail health deteriorating.

Having now been in the nail/beauty industry for over five years, I believe we need to be educated better on the damage some nail systems can have on nail health, and the importance of going to salons where you are treated in a more professional manner. Here are a few tips that should keep you on the track for healthy and attractive nails…
natural nail health

Regardless of whether you are using a nails system, your natural nail health should come first. This should be top priority for you: don't ever be reliant on a nail system. It's great to have such a treatment regularly, and if it’s a good one it shouldn’t be damaging your natural nail. Nails generally don't need a break from a nail system, but, of course, when the condition is visibly damaged you need to stop and give your natural nails some TLC. Invest in a good cuticle oil, apply a natural nail strengthener and have regular manicures, carried out by a fully trained and qualified technician.

it’s personal

Any nail treatment you have should be personalised to suit you, your lifestyle and the look you want. Don't get something done just because a friend does. Get the correct advice from a reputable salon and discuss with them to agree on a treatment plan best suited for you.

For example, if a natural nail manicure is more your thing, then the use of a drill is unacceptable. Be sure to have a clear and open communication with your nail technician so you you know exactly what to expect.


I cannot overemphasise the importance of this. When you walk into any nail salon, look around… are they using clean, hygienic tools? Is your nail technician practising good hygiene? Is the desk and the environment dust-free? Are staff working in an organised manner?

All these things matter – or else you could be faced with cross contamination. You wouldn't share a cup with a stranger, so why share the same cuticle blade? If in doubt, don’t be shy, but ask your nail technician. You’re paying for a service, so demand good advice and good hygiene before sitting at that desk.

client record cards

We've all filled these out in beauty salons, and doctors/dentists surgeries. It's a legal requirement to protect you, and if it’s a reputable nail salon they will insist that you complete one. It may seem like a small thing but it has a major impact should you have any issues later. It is the nail technician’s responsibility to keep your record fully up-to-date with all your treatment history.

If you've not been asked to fill this out at your nail salon, you may want to ask yourself why? Would you be comfortable if someone treated you in a hospital without your patient history or treatment records? Those pieces of information are just as important when somebody is working on your hands and feet.

gels, acrylics, overlays & enhancements

All of these are designed to strengthen the nail in someway. Understand which is best suited to you and your lifestyle. Don't necessarily go for the most hard wearing system and start using your nails as tools. Each is designed for different use and look. Ask questions about the pros and cons of the system, and do your research so you are well informed. A good nail technician should talk you through the systems and which would best suit you and your specific needs. • 01923 842 570

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