Dr Anjali Mahto

  • Sense and Sensitivity 20 Apr 18

    It’s known as an echo chamber – a metaphorical description of how ideas and beliefs are amplified or reinforced by repetition inside social media. I love reading about beauty and skincare and I... Read More

  • A Spotlight on Your Makeup 6 Apr 18

    I met up with an old friend in a wine bar a little while ago, a friend I’ve known for decades. As we chatted across a table full of flickering candlelight, I noticed something different about her... Read More

  • Sweet Talking 23 Mar 18

    When I was young I used to give up chocolate for Lent – and when the self-imposed longing became too great, I would seek out my nearest newsagent or sweet shop and stand by the chocolate section... Read More

  • A Yen for Facial Yoga 23 Feb 18

    “When we go to the gym, we work out in order to make our bodies toned,” Bushey-based facial yoga therapist Jags Toor tells me. “But there are 43 muscles in the face that need to be firmed up... Read More

  • Radiance Resolutions 26 Jan 18

    1. Clear out your clutter… Clearing out your makeup bag/drawer/cupboard is such a satisfyingly cathartic thing to do, and doesn’t take long at all. Chuck out anything more than a year old, and be... Read More

  • 31 Hacks for a Joyous January 29 Dec 17

    1. CALCULATE YOUR HAPPINESS According to researchers at the University of London’s Institute of Education, here are some monetary values of happiness: • Seeing friends/relatives is equivalent... Read More

  • We Three Kings 15 Dec 17

    At the time of the Nativity, gold had begun to be pressed into coins and used as currency, thus paving the way for a new global economy. Gold brought wealth, status and power, and was seen as a... Read More

  • Conscientious Christmas 1 Dec 17

    It’s the time of giving… of mooching around brightly lit shops, with Fairytale in New York playing in the background, deliberating over finding that perfect gift for that special someone… Or, if... Read More

  • Twenty-four Days of Gifts 17 Nov 17

    Make no mistake, these beauty advent calendars are the ultimate in self-indulgence. But at a time when we’re so busy shopping for others, why not allow ourselves the joy of a little daily treat, and... Read More

  • Pretty Hydrated 3 Nov 17

    With autumn in full swing, the colder weather means there’s less moisture in the atmosphere – and unfortunately, cranking up the heating at home causes the same problem. “Heated air means low... Read More

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