• Beauty in Bacteria 19 May 17

    Beauty companies generally fall over themselves to bring a new spin to their skincare launches. They’ll try and persuade us that their brand new products, containing ingredients sourced from, say... Read More

  • Glossing Over It 7 Apr 17

    When I was a small girl, my mother had something of an obsession with the half moon shapes on my fingernails. She was forever pressing and pushing at them (gently, of course) to make them more... Read More

  • Feminine or Feminist? 24 Feb 17

    I found the process of research for our recent feature about the history of makeup (Political to Pretty; issue 612) utterly compelling. As a beauty writer, I’m amused by the idea that Victorian... Read More

  • Political to Pretty 27 Jan 17

    What is it about cosmetics that are so compelling? Personally, I love the potential. I love the fact that I can wake up, look at my bleary face and know there’s something I can do about it: some... Read More

  • Are you Multi-masking? 13 Jan 17

    Not to be confused with multi-tasking – although that’s a handy skill too, as the woman in the picture above can attest – multi-masking is the latest beauty trend taking social media by storm... Read More

  • Make This The Year You Overcome Your Sensitive Side 30 Dec 16

    Whether you want to wear makeup only occasionally – for a wedding, special night out or job interview – or you’re a regular user, if you have a sensitive skin or a diagnosed skin condition... Read More

  • Spice And All Things Nice 9 Dec 16

    Nothing evokes Christmas quite as well as the all-enveloping scent of cinnamon. From the inviting lure of mulled wine to the pungent richness of a mince pie, it’s the central ingredient of so many... Read More

  • Fabulous In Five 25 Nov 16

    If there’s one thing you can certain about at this time of year, it’s that your diary will be fuller than usual. Socialising is a serious business at Christmas, and just as high maintenance as the... Read More

  • A Mature Approach 25 Nov 16

    Taking care of your skin in later life isn’t about trying to look younger; instead, it’s about a holistic approach to looking and feeling your very best. Eating well, keeping active and wearing... Read More

  • Merry January… February… 11 Nov 16

    The sensual thrill of untying a silky bow, the anticipation as you lift the lid of the gift box, the slight inward breath as you unfold the crisp tissue paper and take your first peek at the contents... Read More

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