• Autumnal Attitude 4 Oct 19

    I know that many people adore autumn, and the tableau of golds, reds and russets that nature presents us with is certainly very beautiful, but there’s a melancholy in losing the brightness of the... Read More

  • Home Instead 4 Oct 19

    Alexis Neighbour, co-owner of Home Instead Senior Care, is passionate about dementia care and is an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends Champion. She has created 800 Dementia Friends, running... Read More

  • Fake it! Don't Make it 23 Aug 19

    Glow from within… Antioxidants are absolutely essential for optimum health and gorgeous, glowing skin. Vitamins E and C are particularly effective at fighting environmental aggressors, so eat a... Read More

  • Sun Drenched 2 Aug 19

    The British have an amusing love-hate relationship with the sun. We long for it for most of the year, but when it shines in full strength, as it does (sporadically) in the summer months, we’re... Read More

  • Dial Down Your Daily Routine 21 Jun 19

    Care about your hair with keratin… If you have the kind of hair that frizzes at the merest hint of any moisture or humidity, then you’ll know that the summer heat isn’t necessarily kind to... Read More

  • An Eye-Opening Experience 21 Jun 19

    I’ll admit to being just a little vain about my eyelashes. The hair on my head is longish and naturally thick, which sounds great in principle, but in reality means it’s mostly an untameable mess... Read More

  • Wild about Weeds 7 Jun 19

    At this time of year, the natural landscape is at its most glorious and abundant. The dull muddy field, where you walk your dog every morning, has turned into a stunning carpet of daisies and... Read More

  • Prep Like a Pro 19 Apr 19

    Take your time: This one’s a biggie. We shouldn’t feel guilty or too self-indulgent to set aside time to get our look just right. A makeup artist (MUA) generally takes around an hour to apply... Read More

  • Getting Education Down to a Fine Art 19 Apr 19

    Art has traditionally been considered by many to be a creative subject that lacks the academic rigour of other subjects such as maths and science. But art in schools today has evolved far beyond... Read More

  • Not a Dry Run 8 Mar 19

    Witnessing an ocean of change: The green wheels are turning, and more people are making a conscious choice to combine looking good with feeling good about the planet. Lush is leading the way in... Read More

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