‘Head Above Water’– a 9 metre high, interactive sculpture located on the South Bank.

  • I'm Fine… Honest! 12 Oct 18

    If a single phrase could sum up the difficult relationship that we, as a nation, have with mental health, then ‘I’m fine’ would have to be in pole position. Seemingly innocuous, those two little... Read More

  • Berry Enticing 28 Sep 18

    Protect your eyesight… Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is highly nutrient-dense. Its vitamin A content makes it a great food to support healthy skin and optimal eye function. Get more out of... Read More

  • The Flower of the Sun 14 Sep 18

    The common marigold, with its daisy-like golden flowers that brighten our gardens from early summer until the first frost, is otherwise known as calendula officinalis – or even, more romantically... Read More

  • Heaven Scent 31 Aug 18

    When I got married (nearly twenty years ago – how did that happen?) I gave barely a though to perfume… which is surprising since I consider myself one of life’s planners. I loved picking out... Read More

  • A Conscience as Clear as Your Skin 31 Aug 18

    According to the Vegan Society the number of vegans in Great Britain has doubled twice in the past four years, from 150,000 in 2014 to 600,000 in 2018. It’s no surprise, therefore, that such... Read More

  • Back on Target 31 Aug 18

    Never mind ‘Me Too’… when it comes to impressive campaigns This Girl Can has arguably had just as important an impact – and without the Hollywood backing. Featuring women of all shapes... Read More

  • Dare to be Brilliant! 31 Aug 18

    “The problem is that children only see the end result. They don’t see all the effort that goes into that result,” explains writer, speaker and former sports champion Matthew Syed. He gives the... Read More

  • A Well-Oiled Approach 3 Aug 18

    1. They make us cleverer… For centuries the ancient Greeks and Romans exalted rosemary, and, in the village of Acciaroli, Italy, consuming it has even been linked to longevity. In Shakespeare’s... Read More

  • When Memories Fly Away 20 Jul 18

    Professor Tom Kitwood, a pioneer in the field of dementia care during the 1980s and 90s, coined the phrase ‘When you’ve met one person with dementia… you’ve met one person with dementia’. It... Read More

  • 40 Fertile Years 20 Jul 18

    ‘Just relax…’ ‘keep trying…’ ‘you’ll be next…’ are just a few of the platitudes friends and family often give to couples struggling to conceive. They mean well, but it’s small... Read More

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