• Go Cranberry Crazy 7 Dec 18

    Cranberries, those deep-red winter berries, have become synonymous with the Christmas table. They’re full of goodness, and their tart, fresh flavour works perfectly with the sweetness of turkey... Read More

  • Keep Calm, it's only Christmas 7 Dec 18

    ‘Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it,’ observed American clergyman Charles R Swindoll. That makes sense – but knowing it’s so isn’t always enough. How can we... Read More

  • Step Away from the LBD 7 Dec 18

    1. Be more confident with colour We were told in the 1990s that everyone needed a Little Black Dress – something that could be reliably dressed up or down for any party occasion. Actually... Read More

  • Nailing the Modern Mani 23 Nov 18

    In her delightfully engaging way, Susan is telling me about her early experiences as a manicurist. She recounts that her husband, a West End hairdresser, had suggested that she re-train as a... Read More

  • The Lion's Share of Health Benefits 9 Nov 18

    An edible and medicinal mushroom, with long shaggy white tendrils, is the focus of scientific interest for a whole host of exciting health benefits. Hericium erinaceus, commonly known as Lion’s... Read More

  • As Snug as a Bug 26 Oct 18

    1. LIGHTEN UP If you struggle with dark mornings, try a light lamp alarm clock. The lamp gradually turns itself on, getting brighter and brighter, to mimic natural dawn and wake you up slowly... Read More

  • I'm Fine… Honest! 12 Oct 18

    If a single phrase could sum up the difficult relationship that we, as a nation, have with mental health, then ‘I’m fine’ would have to be in pole position. Seemingly innocuous, those two little... Read More

  • Berry Enticing 28 Sep 18

    Protect your eyesight… Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is highly nutrient-dense. Its vitamin A content makes it a great food to support healthy skin and optimal eye function. Get more out of... Read More

  • The Flower of the Sun 14 Sep 18

    The common marigold, with its daisy-like golden flowers that brighten our gardens from early summer until the first frost, is otherwise known as calendula officinalis – or even, more romantically... Read More

  • Heaven Scent 31 Aug 18

    When I got married (nearly twenty years ago – how did that happen?) I gave barely a though to perfume… which is surprising since I consider myself one of life’s planners. I loved picking out... Read More

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