Maurice Gran (left) and Laurence Marks

  • Living the Extravagant Dream 22 Mar 19

    Veteran comedy duo Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran still remember the very moment they began their careers as comedy writers. “It was 10th March 1980,” recalls Marks. “We had both left... Read More

  • The Queen of Hearts 12 Jan 18

    In early 2016, rumours began to circulate of an upcoming Netflix series centred on the life and times of Elizabeth II, created by Peter Morgan, the man who gave the world Helen Mirren’s The Queen... Read More

  • An All Round Good Egg 14 Oct 16

    “I don’t profess to be the best quizzer in the world, but I know some stuff, I think,” begins Beth Webster, modestly. To say this is an understatement is a little like saying that Professor... Read More

  • Behind The Iron Throne 22 Apr 16

    It’s the biggest thing to have hit the small screen in the history of television and HBO’s flagship fantasy epic, Game of Thrones, shows no sign of letting up. The record-breaking series, which... Read More

  • Wild Thing… i Think I Love You 5 Sep 14

    It is early morning at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, and vet-in-training Dani Willey is on small animal surgery. She’s just been presented with a fluffy, black... Read More

  • 'Teatime brutality for tots' 15 Nov 13

    Whatever you think about it, you’d have to admit that the only sci-fi rival to Star Trek in its ability to boldly go beyond the realms of a cult following is Doctor Who. In fact, the adventures... Read More

  • Drama Queen 16 Nov 12

    Renowned Shakespearean actress Dame Harriet Walter reveals that she had to think twice when she was asked to mentor the Glasgow theatre group who made it through to the final eight in TV’s new... Read More

  • Going... Going... Gone 7 Sep 12

    The expectant buzz in the Italianate rooms and gardens at Ashridge House, near Berkhamsted, is undercut with an air of tedium. Flog It! is about the waiting. And the hoping. The schedule is... Read More

  • Getting Down To The Matter… 24 Aug 12

    There’s an air of excitement at London’s Mayfair Hotel. Outside in Berkeley Street a handful of photographers gather as taxis begin to pull up. Inside, there is an expectant buzz amongst the... Read More

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