• Kilkenny Kudos 7 Apr 17

    Six hundred and fifty years ago, the Anglo-Irish parliament, based in those days at Kilkenny Castle, was struggling to subordinate the native Irish. The Statutes of Kilkenny were just one attempt to... Read More

  • A Lille French Gem 27 Jan 17

    “Lille? Isn’t that where the largest slag heap in Europe is?” The dubious look from my partner sends me straight to Google. Yes, Lille is indeed near the vast coal belts of France’s... Read More

  • City of Opportunity 25 Nov 16

    As the country’s IT capital, the Garden City is not on many tourists’ itineraries. But for a first timer to India, Bangalore (or to use its official name, Bengaluru) is a gentle introduction... Read More

  • Sunshine on a Winter's Day 14 Oct 16

    If you dream of winter sun but can’t face long haul, why not consider Tenerife, a mere four-and-a-half hours away? With comfortable flights at sociable times and a selection of five-star... Read More

  • La Rossa Bologna 16 Sep 16

    If The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – a favourite of street musicians in Bologna – had been shot in the city, the film might have been called ‘The Fat, The Learned and the Red’ – and it... Read More

  • Down By The Watering Hole 15 Jul 16

    If you have never been on a wild game safari (or even if you have), a visit to the Maasai Mara Natural Reserve is up there with the best of them. This protected wildlife sanctuary on the south-western... Read More

  • The Seven Wonders of Llangollen 1 Jul 16

    There used to be one of those 1950s motoring guidebooks on my parents’ bookshelf. It was for North East Wales – very specific – and extolled the virtues of the ‘Seven Wonders of Llangollen... Read More

  • Korean Conviviality 22 Apr 16

    When the holiday checklist includes a towel, you might be forgiven for thinking you’re about to hitch a ride on the Heart of Gold, the spaceship with the improbability drive from Hitchhiker’s... Read More

  • Isle of Man-y Mysteries 25 Mar 16

    ‘Why not open the door and look inside?’ The invitation could come from a salesman in any car showroom, anywhere. Except it is neither a sales showroom nor an ordinary car. The car is the Peel... Read More

  • Beyond Buon Appetito 27 Feb 16

    Tell anyone you are going to ‘Parma’ and immediately the assumption is that you mean ‘Palma’, the capital of Majorca in Spain and a popular destination for thousands of British holidaymakers... Read More

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