• Party Like it's 1977! 22 Feb 19

    It was the play that made the nation laugh, cry and cringe in equal measure when it was first shown in 1977. The suburban situation comedy of manners that made a huge star of Alison Steadman, when she... Read More

  • Parental Advisory 5 Jun 15

    ‘Do not touch the puppets… unless they touch you first’ say the notices on the rehearsal room walls as I arrive for a press visit to the Avenue Q rehearsal room. Some of the puppets are... Read More

  • Restoration Drama 13 Mar 15

    The beautiful Victorian Theatre at Alexandra Palace has probably seen as much drama around its walls than on its stage. Just two weeks after it opened in 1873, the ‘People’s Palace’ in north... Read More

  • Porgy & Bess review 1 Aug 14

    Nicola Hughes’s silent, sultry and seductive first entrance as Bess – high on ‘happy dust’ – and her slow climbing into a tight-fitting blood red dress sets the tone immediately for this... Read More

  • No Holds Bard 18 Jul 14

    Tom Bateman is in trouble. Summoned to Spain to shoot a short film for friends, he had but two instructions from the Shakespeare in Love production team. The first – not to get a tan – was... Read More

  • Jeeves & Wooster 9 May 14

    Attempting to make much sense of this delightfully batty, insane, yet incredibly engaging baloney is actually quite tricky. This adaptation by brothers David and Robert Goodale of PG Wodehouse’s... Read More

  • The Contradictory Miss Stirling 11 Apr 14

    Unusually for a celebrity, Rachael Stirling is early for our interview. The actor, who appeared recently as Millie in ITV’s The Bletchley Circle, is busy rehearsing for her forthcoming role in... Read More

  • Shiver 13 Feb 14

    Daniel Kanaber’s new play, Shiver, directed by Derek Bond for Watford Palace Theatre, manages to be both specific and universal. Set in a house of mourning, where three Jewish men – a father, a... Read More

  • A Shiver Down Your Spine 31 Jan 14

    Danny Kanaber is a great conversationalist, which strikes me as an ideal attribute for a playwright. He’s also very funny, often at his own expense, and clearly a thinker. He anguishes over the... Read More

  • A Christmas Carol: The Musical 18 Dec 13

    From the haunting opening notes of ‘God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen’ to the exuberant feelgood finale, Talkwood Productions’ ‘A Christmas Carol: The Musical’ is entirely captivating. It had... Read More

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