Stuart Law at his inaugural press conference as Middlesex Head Coach at Lord’s

  • Laying Down the Law 19 Apr 19

    The highly regarded former Australian batsman, 50, started his new challenge as head coach at Middlesex in January and is relishing the opportunity to turn around the fortunes of a club which won... Read More

  • Going The Distance 14 Oct 16

    Running is the simplest but most satisfying sport. Putting one foot in front of the other, that’s all. It’s the easiest sport in the world – and believe me, I should know. Sprint back 35... Read More

  • Pitch Imperfect 20 May 16

    it’s an illustrious collection of names: José Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, Brian Clough – and Justin Byrne, from Chalfont St Peter’s Under 10s village team. A 42-year-old company director by... Read More

  • Making Waves 17 Jul 15

    Oliver Taverner, now 14, is not your average teenager. I meet him and his mother, Lisa, at 10.30 in the morning during the first week of his school holidays. This is an hour at which most... Read More

  • Simply Not Cricket 17 Jul 15

    The thwack (a word little used nowadays) of willow on leather was the sound of my youth. Whether on the local village green or the TV during a Test Match, cricket features heavily in my childhood... Read More

  • Here We Come A-Cheerleading? 24 Apr 15

    Remember ‘Bend it like Beckham’? The salt shakers. The fretting parents. The airport scene. And Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley as Jess and Jules, talented footballers who could and did beat... Read More

  • Eyes On The Ball 20 Jun 14

    “At least he’s got that monkey off his back” must surely be the cliché most often used by the world’s media when speaking about Andy Murray and the Wimbledon Men’s Single Title. Never... Read More

  • A Woman's Game? 31 Jan 14

    Knitting, watercolours, bingo: the chosen pastimes of the majority of my mother’s friends. At 76 she lives alone, a mild-mannered, gentle lady, softly spoken with not a bad word to say about... Read More

  • Here Come The Girls 21 Jun 13

    There’s a battle being fought. It’s raging on the sports fields, in the newsrooms and behind the scenes at all the major broadcasters. It’s a battle that dates back further than any of us... Read More

  • A Sporting Chance 29 Apr 11

    As more and more effort is placed on encouraging children with disabilities into mainstream education, there is a risk that emphasis may fall on their academic needs, with their physical well-being... Read More

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