Thames Lido; pic: Andre Pattenden

  • Creating a Splash 20 Apr 18

    “Lidos are to swimming pools as lingerie is to underwear,” said the late environmental campaigner, writer and confirmed outdoor swimmer Roger Deakin, creating an image that perfectly sums up the... Read More

  • All Boarded Up 13 Oct 16

    There are, I’m led to believe, people who don’t play games, but I have to declare my hand here; I’m not one of them. I love a good board game (and I don’t get enough opportunities to indulge... Read More

  • Picture Perfect 16 Sep 16

    “My name is Heather Harris, and I doodle.” Over everything. As a nine-year-old, it was in permanent marker on my grandma’s new tablecloth as I waited for my fish fingers (that got me grounded... Read More

  • Immerse Yourself 13 Nov 15

    Last September, some 2,500 people gathered to sing along to Disney’s Frozen under the stars at Knebworth House. A runaway success with Elsa fans, it was one of 120 outdoor screenings put on by the... Read More

  • Taking The Lead 17 Jan 14

    It’s the most fun you can have in a harness. Add in the fact it burns calories, exercises your pet and can even be done in the dark – and you have the best possible pastime in my opinion. And... Read More

  • Let Them Eat… Cake? 1 Nov 13

    When Chris Holmes left his job at Stansted Airport earlier this year, he decided that a simple resignation letter wouldn’t do. Instead, he handed in his notice on a cake, giving his boss an edible... Read More

  • Chance Would Be A Fine Thing 1 Nov 13

    You are more likely to be killed by a donkey than to win the National Lottery jackpot (although statistically this may depend on whether you do indeed work with ferocious donkeys or are fatally... Read More

  • Ghost Walking 18 Oct 13

    The most haunted house in the West End lurks in the shadows of the large and stately plane trees of Mayfair, according to Richard Jones, one of the capital’s foremost authorities on all things... Read More

  • On One's Hobby Horse 4 Oct 13

    One minute I was happily hammering out a passage of Debussy, the next I was subject to a hammering of a different kind: the kind that an angry downstairs neighbour makes by whacking a broom on the... Read More

  • Caching In 20 Jan 12

    I even bought them a puppy – but he ended up lazier than they are. Despite the combined transportation power of ten legs – six human and four canine – getting my three children out for a... Read More

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