• She Will Rock You! 20 Sep 19

    I’m always singing. I sing while I cook, while I do housework, while I drive to work. Not that I’m any good. I remember the day I realised I was never going to be the next Madonna, when I recorded... Read More

  • Here Comes the Milestone 19 Jul 19

    Fifty years ago, the sixties were drawing to an end and so, ultimately, were The Beatles. The band that had defined the decade wrote their own epitaph, creating one last masterpiece that concludes... Read More

  • An Innovator in Recorded Sound 21 Jun 19

    Ninety years in any business is a remarkable record, but it’s especially impressive given the mercurial, fast-paced nature of the music industry. It’s an industry, though, that Decca was... Read More

  • Making the Most of Music 8 Mar 19

    Music is a truly human phenomenon – present in every culture on every continent. Its value is not only in the joy that it brings to those who perform it, listen to it or dance to it, but also in the... Read More

  • Farewell Seems to be the Hardest Word 18 May 18

    To label Sir Elton John a national icon is a stretch too far for the man himself: Reginald Dwight. “I won’t have that,” he laughs. “It’s lovely to be appreciated and I think the value of... Read More

  • Time and Rhythm 9 Mar 18

    1. Music Listening: Music is an art form available to almost every human being. Anyone can explore safe and appropriate ways in which music can lift their mood. Indeed, in public places, such as... Read More

  • Rak-ing Up Success 15 Dec 17

    “A fortnight later and the news hasn’t even sunk in. It’s the most surreal feeling. It means the world to us that we have the public’s support,” Ashley gushes, still clearly on cloud nine... Read More

  • Brain Training 10 Feb 17

    successful singer, instrumentalist, lyricist and composer Phillipa Leigh studied at the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, has performed at top venues around the country, including... Read More

  • Spicing It Up Again 14 Dec 12

    They even beat Bolt. Oh, yes. When the Spice Girls took to the stage at the London 2012 Closing Ceremony, in a euphoric show of nostalgia and sparkling taxis, delighted viewers posted 116,000 tweets... Read More

  • Christmas Comes But Once A Year. Or Twice. 10 Sep 10

    It’s a far cry from Dorothy and Toto, but Berkhamsted Choral Society’s current project began, indirectly, on the Yellow Brick Road. The BBC Performing Arts Fund, which accrues from money made... Read More

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