• It's High Time for Highclere 6 Sep 19

    Downton Abbey’s rebirth is providing a lesson in rich anticipation for a global fanbase of the most successful period drama ever created. When it returns next weekend – this time on the big... Read More

  • The Rise and Rise of the What-If World 6 Sep 19

    Global temperatures are rising, the political situation is febrile, extremism is on the march, and our newspapers are full of warnings about food and/or medicine shortages. Could there be a better... Read More

  • Honesty is the Best Policy 23 Aug 19

    With 25 years under his belt, Ed has transferred his on-stage success into a variety of notable television appearances. A regular on Mock The Week and The Graham Norton Show, he recently... Read More

  • Sons of the Desert 28 Dec 18

    I gather that there are people who don’t like Laurel and Hardy, but I find it hard to understand. How can you not succumb to the sweetness of the pair, their unshakeable optimism and innocence? No... Read More

  • The Tea-Drinking Tenors 14 Sep 18

    “Keeping a group together is like a marriage in that it needs good communication, respect and love,” Paul Martin – one third of Tenors Unlimited – tells me, as he reflects on the band’s 15th... Read More

  • Heroes and Villains 6 Jul 18

    David Walliams, who has sold 12.5 million books and been translated into 46 languages to date, inspires the kind of love and devotion amongst today’s children that the older generation reserve for... Read More

  • As Real as You Can Get 15 Jun 18

    A Few years on from the drawing of that circle, Astley, a riding school owner, hired acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and a clown to fill in the pauses between acts. Eventually the ring was... Read More

  • Hitting the High Notes 1 Jun 18

    As career highlights go, this is right up there. I’ve just had an international music star burst into song for me – and me alone – during an interview. Not only was this a private performance of... Read More

  • Another Day at the Office 20 Apr 18

    Martin Freeman has spanned the genres; comedy, sci-fi, action, costume drama – even those scenes in Love Actually where he and co-star Joanna Page were regularly in the buff. But on this last... Read More

  • Brothers In Arms 9 Feb 18

    When Willy Russell read a one-act play as a child ‘about two babies switched at birth’, it planted a seed that became a mighty oak of musical theatre. He went on to write Blood Brothers... Read More

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