• Booker 2019: The Testaments 16 Sep 19

    The Testaments has a lot to live up to: the hype (it has been feverishly anticipated as ‘the literary event of the year’*); the ‘ferocious’ non-disclosure agreement signed by the Booker judges... Read More

  • Booker 2019: Girl, Woman, Other  11 Sep 19

    Girl, Woman, Other is Bernardine Evaristo’s eighth novel: a big, sprawling, ambitious piece of work, that takes the lives of twelve people – mostly women, mostly black, but of different age... Read More

  • Booker 2019: Quichotte 9 Sep 19

    Cervantes’ Don Quixote, a work frequently afforded the epithet ‘the first modern novel’, is a picaresque novel, the darling of the Golden Age, in which the wandering Quixote, maddened by a... Read More

  • Booker 2019: The Man Who Saw Everything 4 Sep 19

    The novel opens with an argument about love. “It’s like this, Saul Adler: when I was twenty-three I loved the way you touched me, but when the afternoon slipped in and you slipped out of me... Read More

  • Booker 2019: Night Boat to Tangier 4 Sep 19

    It is night in the Spanish port of Algeciras in October 2018, and Irishmen Maurice and Charlie are staked out in the ferry terminal, waiting for the boat to Tangier, on which Maurice’s missing... Read More

  • Booker 2019: My Sister the Serial Killer 3 Sep 19

    Debut novelist Oyinkan Braithwaite structures her novel as a series of explosive journal entries that take us backwards and forwards in time in an exploration of morality and loyalty. The novel starts... Read More

  • Booker 2019: An Orchestra of Minorities 3 Sep 19

    Disillusion, distress and disconnection underpin An Orchestra of Minorities. There are human connections, but they are so frequently ambushed and abused that reading it is really quite demanding. Even... Read More

  • Booker 2019: Lost Children Archive 2 Sep 19

    When a publisher announces ‘the moving, powerful and urgent English-language debut from one of the brightest young stars in world literature’, that’s a book with a lot to live up to. Thankfully... Read More

  • Booker 2019: 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World 30 Aug 19

    Meet Tequila Leila: sex worker, widow, friend of immigrants and underdogs and the dispossessed. In the moments before 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World opens, Tequila Leila has been casually... Read More

  • Booker 2019: Ducks, Newburyport 30 Aug 19

    It’s hard to know how to begin a review of this novel, which weighs in at 1020 pages and consists of just eight sentences. Ellmann does something remarkable here in her attempt to represent all... Read More

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