Piccadilly at Night c 1960, by Bob Collin

  • When Night Falls on City Streets 18 May 18

    What sort of after dark vision of London do you subscribe to? The city-that-never-sleeps version, with its 24-hour supermarkets and secure, reassuring terraces where, whatever the time of night... Read More

  • Farewell Seems to be the Hardest Word 18 May 18

    To label Sir Elton John a national icon is a stretch too far for the man himself: Reginald Dwight. “I won’t have that,” he laughs. “It’s lovely to be appreciated and I think the value of... Read More

  • Where the Heart Is 4 May 18

    What makes a good home? One of Jo Swinney’s favourite anecdotes on the subject is a self-deprecating joke told by TV comedian Russell Howard. Describing the dingy basement flat that was all he could... Read More

  • In a Material World 4 May 18

    Twice a year the charming little giftshop at Pinner’s Heath Robinson Museum receives a new injection of creative energy from three local(ish) artist-makers, invited to showcase and sell their work... Read More

  • Travelling Hopefully 4 May 18

    My top travel tip is to go to the places that the locals go. And Shimla, although one of India’s smallest cities, is is a popular holiday and honeymoon destination for many people. Getting to this... Read More

  • Creating a Splash 20 Apr 18

    “Lidos are to swimming pools as lingerie is to underwear,” said the late environmental campaigner, writer and confirmed outdoor swimmer Roger Deakin, creating an image that perfectly sums up the... Read More

  • Winter Sun with Personality 20 Apr 18

    The thing to appreciate about Sri Lanka is that, while it’s not very big, every journey is of epic proportions. A few kilometres might not sound like much, but on the country’s crowded roads... Read More

  • Another Day at the Office 20 Apr 18

    Martin Freeman has spanned the genres; comedy, sci-fi, action, costume drama – even those scenes in Love Actually where he and co-star Joanna Page were regularly in the buff. But on this last... Read More

  • 'Never Greener' Review 11 Apr 18

    Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? That's the question Ruth asks in this novel that unravels the gut-wrenching intricacies of romantic relationships, and the foibles of... Read More

  • A Break in the Journey 23 Mar 18

    Chris Ambrose offers some suggestions for three great stopover destinations… Read More

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