Claire Foy with co-star Matt Smith who plays Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

  • The Queen of Hearts 12 Jan 18

    In early 2016, rumours began to circulate of an upcoming Netflix series centred on the life and times of Elizabeth II, created by Peter Morgan, the man who gave the world Helen Mirren’s The Queen... Read More

  • Costa Book Awards 2017/18 29 Dec 17

    The Costa Book Awards are one of the UK’s most prestigious and popular literary prize schemes, with a remit to recognise some of the most enjoyable books of the year. Launched as the Whitbread... Read More

  • Beauty and the Beast at Watersmeet 15 Dec 17

    The festive season really isn’t complete without a dose of panto. It’s a very British institution, as traditional as turkey, mince pies and carols. And Watersmeet’s latest offering, Beauty and... Read More

  • Costa Rica Calling 15 Dec 17

    1. PURA VIDA Following your arrival in Costa Rica, it’s not long until you hear ‘pura vida’ (pronounced poo-rah vee-dah) or read it emblazoned on a t-shirt. Its use is multi-purpose: it’s... Read More

  • Rak-ing Up Success 15 Dec 17

    “A fortnight later and the news hasn’t even sunk in. It’s the most surreal feeling. It means the world to us that we have the public’s support,” Ashley gushes, still clearly on cloud nine... Read More

  • Kitsch at Kew 1 Dec 17

    Our enchantment with twinkling Christmas lights taps into such a primeval part of our psyche: from our ancient ancestors who lit ceremonial fires to beg the sun to return to their lives, to the... Read More

  • A Sense of Line and Purpose 1 Dec 17

    Tate Modern’s comprehensive homage to the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani opens with a room containing a single work: Self Portrait as Pierrot, painted in 1915. It’s a brave curatorial move... Read More

  • Book Review: Home is Nearby 30 Nov 17

    Lured by an art scholarship, a young Polish woman named Ania leaves behind village life, and the father she adores, in order to move to the university city of Wroclaw. Here she meets a group of... Read More

  • Hands On 17 Nov 17

    The idea is that the contemporary pieces in The Maker’s Art should be loosely inspired by the ‘imagination and enchantment of Heath Robinson’s work’. It’s about generating a creative... Read More

  • I'd Like You To Meet… 3 Nov 17

    Everyone knows how ghastly it is to walk into a party and feel you’re the only person in the room who doesn’t know anyone. If you’re lucky, you might catch someone’s eye and get chatting... Read More

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