'Superman Soaring', bricks: 29,083; 38 x 122 x 224cm. All pictures taken at The Art of the Brick:DC Super Heroes © JaneHobson

  • The War Between Good and Evil 10 Mar 17

    “I wanted”, explains artist and sculptor Nathan Sawaya, “to do something about good and evil – and what could be better than working with heroes and villains… these are the iconic characters... Read More

  • Love, Loss and the Big Picture 24 Feb 17

    There can’t be many people who have never googled the meaning of their first name but novelist Dinah Jefferies is one. The best-selling author of romantic, sometimes bitter sweet, novels set in... Read More

  • A Retrospective of the Future 10 Feb 17

    When Peter Crouch, the venerable, well-liked Stoke City striker, scored his 100th Premier League goal at the start of this month, he celebrated by doing his trademark ‘robot dance.’ Involving a... Read More

  • Playing with Perspective 10 Feb 17

    There is, indicated art critic Charlotte Mullins on Radio 4’s Front Row, an odd sense in which David Hockney has been under the radar recently. Of course, there have been substantial shows (two at... Read More

  • Brain Training 10 Feb 17

    successful singer, instrumentalist, lyricist and composer Phillipa Leigh studied at the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, has performed at top venues around the country, including... Read More

  • A Lille French Gem 27 Jan 17

    “Lille? Isn’t that where the largest slag heap in Europe is?” The dubious look from my partner sends me straight to Google. Yes, Lille is indeed near the vast coal belts of France’s... Read More

  • How To Talk So That Everyone Listens 27 Jan 17

    From its first words, Shtum plunges the reader into a perfect storm of intolerable circumstances: a doubly incontinent ten-year-old, non-verbal and frequently violent; parents at the end of their... Read More

  • Dark, Damaged… And definitely In Demand 13 Jan 17

    Browse any bookshop these days, and you’ll be struck by the number of novels about damaged, dark or dangerous women. You can spot them a mile off, with their tell-tale shadowy covers flagging up... Read More

  • 21st Century Gothic 13 Jan 17

    A crisp walk by the river at Battersea Park in the winter months will always get the thumbs up from me, if only to say hello to the herons and take a few deep, meditative breaths by the Peace... Read More

  • Books To Enjoy… Rather Than Admire 30 Dec 16

    The idea of being given fifty novels and instructed to read and critique them by a certain date is both exhilarating and appalling. How could you discriminate intelligently? How would you remember... Read More

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