• Heroes and Villains 6 Jul 18

    David Walliams, who has sold 12.5 million books and been translated into 46 languages to date, inspires the kind of love and devotion amongst today’s children that the older generation reserve for... Read More

  • Reasons to be Cheerful 6 Jul 18

    Say goodbye to all those stories of troubled women and unreliable narrators dealing with the dark recesses of human nature. If the age of the female-led thriller isn’t quite over yet – and any... Read More

  • As Real as You Can Get 15 Jun 18

    A Few years on from the drawing of that circle, Astley, a riding school owner, hired acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and a clown to fill in the pauses between acts. Eventually the ring was... Read More

  • Treasures Unseen 15 Jun 18

    For centuries, the cavernous chambers concealed high above the nave floor were Westminster’s Abbey’s dark and dirty secret. Intended to replicate the chapels at ground level when built in the... Read More

  • Admire, Be Inspired, and Enjoy 1 Jun 18

    The Women’s Prize for Fiction is one of the most respected and successful literary awards in the world. It celebrates the very best full length fiction written by women and is open to any novel... Read More

  • Hitting the High Notes 1 Jun 18

    As career highlights go, this is right up there. I’ve just had an international music star burst into song for me – and me alone – during an interview. Not only was this a private performance of... Read More

  • When Night Falls on City Streets 18 May 18

    What sort of after dark vision of London do you subscribe to? The city-that-never-sleeps version, with its 24-hour supermarkets and secure, reassuring terraces where, whatever the time of night... Read More

  • Farewell Seems to be the Hardest Word 18 May 18

    To label Sir Elton John a national icon is a stretch too far for the man himself: Reginald Dwight. “I won’t have that,” he laughs. “It’s lovely to be appreciated and I think the value of... Read More

  • Where the Heart Is 4 May 18

    What makes a good home? One of Jo Swinney’s favourite anecdotes on the subject is a self-deprecating joke told by TV comedian Russell Howard. Describing the dingy basement flat that was all he could... Read More

  • In a Material World 4 May 18

    Twice a year the charming little giftshop at Pinner’s Heath Robinson Museum receives a new injection of creative energy from three local(ish) artist-makers, invited to showcase and sell their work... Read More

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