• As Pretty as a Picture 9 Nov 18

    Part of Essaouira’s charm lies in its manageable size and easy, laid back atmosphere. It’s been on the tourist trail for years, in an idle kind of way, since its 1960s popularity with the likes of... Read More

  • Recapturing an Imagined Medieval Paradise 26 Oct 18

    When he died suddenly at the age of 65 in 1898, the memorial service held for Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones in Westminster Abbey (thanks to the intercession of the Prince of Wales) was the first to... Read More

  • All The History, Culture and Scenery You Could Ask For 28 Sep 18

    What you notice, as you travel around its cities and towns, is that everywhere in New England looks just like a film set. The Atlantic coastal region – stretching from Maine near the Canadian border... Read More

  • Man Booker 2018: Milkman 26 Sep 18

    In a brief Man Booker-linked interview, Anna Burns explains that she grew up ‘in a place that was rife with violence, distrust and paranoia, and peopled by individuals trying to navigate and survive... Read More

  • Man Booker 2018: The Mars Room 18 Sep 18

    Rachel Kushner’s third novel is a thoroughly compelling account of the frailties and strengths of the human condition. Kushner writes with a keen regard for history and politics. This is a novel... Read More

  • Man Booker 2018: The Water Cure 18 Sep 18

    After some largely unspecified environmental catastrophe (indeed, for much of the novel it’s not clear, really, whether this has actually taken place or whether the potential threat from the outside... Read More

  • Man Booker 2018: In Our Mad and Furious City 17 Sep 18

    Guy Gunarantne’s debut novel In Our Mad and Furious City opens with a hymn to the ‘single, mad, monstrous and lunatic city’ of London, a city which declares itself through a fiery, repurposed... Read More

  • The Tea-Drinking Tenors 14 Sep 18

    “Keeping a group together is like a marriage in that it needs good communication, respect and love,” Paul Martin – one third of Tenors Unlimited – tells me, as he reflects on the band’s 15th... Read More

  • The Youngest City 14 Sep 18

    My mum’s uncle Frank was a mysterious figure. Hardly mentioned in the family, he seems to have been a prodigal who ran away at 16 to join the army, lying about his age and stating his religion on... Read More

  • Man Booker 2018: Washington Black 13 Sep 18

    With themes of slavery and freedom, escape and pursuit, at its heart, you might tag ‘Washington Black’ as ‘The Underground Railroad’ of the 2018 list, but it is a very different proposition... Read More

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