aerial view of Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City

  • What a Beautiful Hue 8 Mar 19

    The ribbon of land that comprises Vietnam stretches about 1,000 miles from north to south, yet only 30 miles from west to east. Travelling by road is not easy, nor particularly safe. A single-track... Read More

  • Making the Most of Music 8 Mar 19

    Music is a truly human phenomenon – present in every culture on every continent. Its value is not only in the joy that it brings to those who perform it, listen to it or dance to it, but also in the... Read More

  • Party Like it's 1977! 22 Feb 19

    It was the play that made the nation laugh, cry and cringe in equal measure when it was first shown in 1977. The suburban situation comedy of manners that made a huge star of Alison Steadman, when she... Read More

  • Not all Jute, Jam and Journalism 8 Feb 19

    The new V&A Museum of Design, with its strange concrete slats and twisting, truncated structure is drawing people in droves to Dundee’s waterfront on the Firth of Tay in eastern Scotland. But we... Read More

  • The Great Colourist 25 Jan 19

    Pierre Bonnard has been called a lot of names over the years. To some he is the last of the Impressionists, reflecting the way he doggedly carried on working well into the 20th century, right up to... Read More

  • Rum and Revolutions 11 Jan 19

    Arriving at Havana airport, you’re struck at once by some unusual scenes. Waiting at baggage claim, besides the usual throng of passengers lining up to collect suitcases, is an even larger gathering... Read More

  • The Queen of the Big Screen 28 Dec 18

    Despite assumptions, it isn’t always easy being the beautiful girl in Hollywood… particularly when you’re Margot Robbie kind of beautiful. Having made her breakthrough as the tough but... Read More

  • Sons of the Desert 28 Dec 18

    I gather that there are people who don’t like Laurel and Hardy, but I find it hard to understand. How can you not succumb to the sweetness of the pair, their unshakeable optimism and innocence? No... Read More

  • The Best Books of the Last Twelve Months 28 Dec 18

    We review the best Novel category, the best First Novel category, and also take a look at the contenders for the best Children’s Book Award. Read More

  • Play. Explore. Make. 23 Nov 18

    In May and in November Pinner’s Heath Robinson Museum Shop stocks its display cases afresh with work from a new cohort of local(ish) artist-makers, invited to showcase and sell their pieces for... Read More

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