Plain Stain Advice

25th September 2009

There’s a range of old wives’ tales that people like to trot out while you stare at the carpet in despair, wondering just how to shift the red wine… or the paint… or the felt tip pen. Many can be disregarded. Don’t waste good white wine by tipping it after the red, for example; drink it instead, and then blot the red wine stain with the appropriate WoolSafe spotter (which you will, of course, have conveniently to hand.

Here are some other helpful carpet care suggestions from The WoolSafe Organisation.

Turning to washing up liquid in times of desperate need seems to do a fairly good job of cleaning your carpet, but after just a few days or weeks wherever you rubbed will become dirty. Washing up liquid and carpets mix about as well as chewing gum and hair. For the same reasons that you wouldn’t use washing up liquid to wash your own hair you just don’t use it to clean your carpet… Like the gunk around the neck of the bottle, washing up liquid leaves a sticky residue on the pile fibres that attracts dirt.

However, not all things lying around the home are harmful and so you can try some of these on really stubborn stains for rather amazing results:

Nail Varnish remover gets rid of glue and oil-based paint;

White Spirit should shift felt-tip pen and oil-based paint;

Surgical Spirit should shift ballpoint pen;

A hot iron and absorbent paper (kitchen towel) will remove candle wax (although not from nylon or polypropylene carpets);

A coin and a rub should lift burn or scorch marks, or try sandpaper (another non-nylon/polypropylene technique);

You should always pre-test colourfastness in an inconspicuous area of carpet (preferably an off-cut) before proceeding.

Of course, many household stains can be safely lifted with the appropriate WoolSafe Approved spot cleaner, most of which are readily available at supermarkets or flooring shops. Domestic gods and goddesses should check out the very comprehensive list on before next heading to the shops (or planning a party…).

For further information on The WoolSafe Organisation and the services offered email or telephone 0800 731 5688.

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