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16th January 2015

Cut your energy bills – and protect the environment. Ten tips from the team at

Tip 1: Install LED lighting

Replace all the inefficient traditional lighting in your home with LED lights. You can get LED replacements for just about every fitting and the light emitting diode technology delivers up to 90% savings on lighting bills. The initial cost is repaid incredibly quickly through these energy savings and then you go on saving year after year because the LED lights last for well over a decade.

Tip 2: Swap to eco showerheads and taps

Cutting back on the amount of water you use is another great way to save. Swap out your old shower heads with an eco version that mixes air with water flow and so cuts water consumption by more than 50%. You can achieve similar savings with eco taps that also mix air and water, while if you want to keep your current taps, simple but brilliant tap aerators again reduce water use by more than 50%.

Tip 3: Make sure you're draught proof

It's crucial to draught-proof your home. Sealing out the wind around doors and windows could chop anything up to £50 a year from the heating bill, for example. Less cold air coming in should allow you to turn down the thermostat for further savings.

Tip 4: Insulate the loft

Insulate the loft: a cheap, effective way to cut costs – and you get your money back through energy savings in about two years.

Tip 5: Get wall cavity insulation

If your home is less than 90 years old, then it's likely that you can install cavity wall insulation, which sits in the space between two layers of bricks and is a very efficient way to cut heat loss, with payback on investment of around £500 in less than four years.

Tip 6: Service or replace your boiler

If you do decide to get a new, more efficient model, you could cut energy use by up to 40%. A condensing boiler in place of an old model should cut gas bills by around £310 a year, which means that the investment is recouped in roughly six years.

Tip 7: Turn the thermostat down by 1 degree

Checking the timer programming, your radiator settings and turning down the thermostat by just one degree should shave about £75 off the annual heating costs.

Tip 8: Choose A-Rated appliances

Latest energy-saving appliances are all much more efficient than those of even five years ago and can each help cut between £40-£100 each year from electricity bills.

Tip 9: Buy smart power strips

These switch off power to devices in a sequence – so if you turn off your PC/laptop, linked devices like the monitor, printer and scanner also power down. It's the same for your TV, cable/satellite box, video game console and DVD player.

Tip 10: Switch to competitive green supplier

Switch energy supplier and keep flexible about who you buy energy from – if you can go, then for one of the competitive green energy suppliers.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is a full-service efficiency partner, working with businesses/consumers to help them drastically reduce consumption of energy/water

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