• Spring into Action 8 Mar 19

    When a japanese tidying consultant set up her own business at the age of 19, little did she know that her name would become so synonymous with decluttering that it would become a verb – as in... Read More

  • From Crafts to Cookery 20 Oct 17

    She’s the property guru who’s been on our screens since the turn of the century (Location, Location, Location; Relocation, Relocation; Love it or List It; The Property Chain), and the craft... Read More

  • Save Money… Cut Carbon 16 Jan 15

    Replace all the inefficient traditional lighting in your home with LED lights. You can get LED replacements for just about every fitting and the light emitting diode technology delivers up to 90... Read More

  • The Top Ten Appliances… 9 Sep 11

    …Good Cooks Would Love To Own Read More

  • Carpet Care 5 Aug 11

    1 Red Wine Spills Don't believe the urban myth of pouring on white wine – that’s just a waste of a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio. Instead, treat with water, blot and repeat. If required, use... Read More

  • Taking It With You… 10 Jun 11

    The right hamper, a comfortable rug, a suitable drinks carrier – all you need to make al fresco on-the-move a breeze… Read More

  • Order Out Of Chaos 18 Mar 11

    As I saw the bags of rubbish being taken away, I felt lighter and breezier than I had in years. Clearing my house had cleared my head for bright new thoughts and fresh adventures ahead. But it... Read More

  • Plain Stain Advice 25 Sep 09

    Turning to washing up liquid in times of desperate need seems to do a fairly good job of cleaning your carpet, but after just a few days or weeks wherever you rubbed will become dirty. Washing up... Read More

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