Cub Housing

1st April 2010

Jill Glenn reports on Cub Housing Solutions

The Cub House is the one thing that really grabbed me at this year’s Ideal Home Show: a modular system, newly launched, and marketed with the clever tag line ‘Live like you give a damn’. Light and bright and very, very clever.

They call this ‘plug and play’ housing: you can purchase one level, as shown in the picture – one bedroom (51m2), with a large kitchen/living room, study area and generous bathroom, including a huge walk-in shower with double doors – and then, as your lifestyle changes or your family expands, purchase another one or two storeys to add on top, doubling or tripling the floor space, and adding two more bedrooms, plus a bathroom, per level. It also works well as an extension, or annexe, to an existing house. It’s a whole lot easier than moving.

And, naturally, it’s as sustainable as you could wish; this radical concept could become a really exciting template for building in the 21st century.

Cub is built off site (with construction waste reduced by 90%, and responsibly sourced materials throughout). High accoustic and thermal installation systems prevent noise pollution between floors and minimise heat loss – in fact build specification and quality is such that the manufacturers suggest that the fuel bill for heating, hot water and ventilation could be as little as £56 annually; the assessed energy efficient rating is 98%.

It arrives fully fitted – and interior designed if required (furniture packages available from Ikea or Bo-Concept) – so you can move in within days of delivery. High tech audiovisual/ telecom systems and invisible ceiling speakers allow music to flow down the walls for perfect ambient sound.

There’s lots of impeccable technical and ecological reasons to buy this; equally you might just want one because it’s lovely. Now all I need is the land.

Prices start from £88,500 (excluding planning and groundworks).

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