Silver Lining

1st March 2013

It’s Paris, 1925... and modern style arrives with a bang, championed by the epoch-defining Exposition des Arts Decoratifs. Streamlined design is all the rage – think jazz music and flappers, fast cars and ocean liners and towering skyscrapers – a new look for a new world…

…and one that remains chic and stylish today. A new selling exhibition at the London Silver Vaults offers the opportunity to acquire accessories that add a touch of authentic glamour to almost any room of the home.

Although the term Art Deco is so familiar today, it wasn't until a 1960s revival of interest in the ‘style moderne’ that the phrase was first heard. At its best, Art Deco represents elegance and exuberance, functionality and modernity. Its linear symmetry departed from the flowing asymmetry and organic curves of the Art Nouveau style, and practitioners from Europe to the States embraced the clean lines of industry, drew inspiration from exotic ancient cultures (Egyptian, Aztec, tribal African) and warmed to the influences of cubism and futurism in art.

In silver, Art Deco is all about sleek, stretched shapes in architectural forms, with geometric and stylised detail. The surface pattern is kept to a minimum, so that the burnished smooth patina of the metal can gleam. From cocktail sets to coffee services, cutlery and napkin rings to table lamps desk sets and picture frames, Art Deco silver is beautiful in its own right, and ideal for the contemporary home where a restrained colour palette (whether bright and rich or cool and pale) shows it to perfection.

The selling exhibition continues until the end of June at
The London Silver Vaults, Chancery Lane, London, and
focuses on practical and elegant silver for use in the home.
See for details and opening hours.

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