Rosettes For Everyone

25th September 2009

Flowers certainly bring a room to life, but they can demand a great deal of care and attention. Plants can be more forgiving, but soothing as the greenery is, sometimes colour is what you need. Enter the Bromeliad – a family of plants all very different in appearance and size, but with one thing in common: they’re all easy care.

Bromeliads have great architectural shapes that appeal to both men and women, and suit modern and traditional interiors, equally – some are large and dramatic, with tall vibrant flowerspikes; some are small and very dainty, with striped or silvery leaves as an added attraction.

The family includes aechmea (urn plant), the luscious guzmania (pictured above), vriesea and neoregelia… all easier to look after than pronounce. They’re very tough and easy going, coping well with low light levels, although the colour may not be so bright in such cases. Being tropical in origin, they like a warm temperature, so they’re ideal for autumn and winter when the central heating is on. Make sure that the central rosette never dries out (the water should be visible, as shown right) and in hard water areas use rainwater whenever possible – as tapwater can leave nasty chalk deposits on the leaves.

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