Bring On The Boho

3rd October 2014

Boho style is all about mixing and matching stunning pieces, vibrant colours and various patterns to create a personalised atmosphere, a sense of adventure.

It brings together different ethnic influences on interiors to obtain an unconventional result but in a chic, smart and stylish way. Think fun and playful, think eclectic escapism: bright bold patterns, rugs and repurposed items.

Boho encourages you to create a harmonious home using nomadic, even homemade, items and allowing them to clash – stylishly – with each other. It’s all about creating beautiful arrangements thanks to a combination of intense colours, fabrics and styles. This look is not about matching things up by colour or design; instead, it is transient and in a constant state of change, reflecting a love of culture, style and travel…

Chunky hand knitted cable cushion in cerise wool • £75

Tunisian crocheted olive green cushion in wool • £62

Kizzy Quilt in 100 % cotton • £90

Hand-made Painterly Cushions • £70

Fusion Amsterdam Rug in red • £329 for 200x140cm

Maharaja Armchair • £950

Vintage Patchwork Egg Chair • £2,100

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