Relax, It's Summer

7th June 2013

Tips for June gardening from National Garden Gift Vouchers

June is a lovely month to be in the garden. With evenings getting longer and brighter you can use your garden or patio as a great extension to your home, and just sit back and relax.

It’s at this time of year, though, that lawns need to be mowed more frequently and it’s traditionally one of those garden jobs that falls into the male domain. So, in celebration of Father’s Day (on 16 June) here are some key pointers on getting that perfect lawn from The Easy Guide to Lawn Care: Mow at least once a week and raise the mower blades when it’s very hot weather. Don’t mow when grass is wet or during a drought and don’t collect your clippings during dry spells as this helps conserve moisture. Keep watering throughout the summer unless there is a water shortage and repair bare patches with turf or re-seeding.

This is also the month to ensure that all plants are adequately fed, particularly those in baskets and tubs. Plants benefit from a regular feeding programme as they are growing vigorously and need their nutrition levels to be kept up. Slow release granules are a good idea for pots and baskets: they last for about six months and release food as it is required into the compost.

Not often thought of as a container plant, but an excellent option for small gardens, is a rose. A simple solution for June is to create an instant rose garden: buy a selection of different sized pots, plant them with a varieties of roses and place them together in a group. If pots don’t appeal, worry not: there’s a rose for every garden situation. From Hybrid Teas to miniatures, climbers to floribundas, the choice is endless. Roses are easy to grow and will thrive in most soil types providing there is good drainage. They prefer a position that is sunny and not too exposed; they need regular feeding which will improve their resistance to pests and disease, although some will also require spraying to combat aphids and mildew. Pruning is also important to remove dead heads and improve flowering over a longer period of time. If you’re replacing old roses with new ones, ensure that the old soil is removed and replaced with fresh.

As Midsummer’s Day approaches, and the temperature starts to rise, here are few ‘must do’ jobs for the garden this month…

• Lawn mowing and management
• Plant out summer bedding plants
• Trim hedges
• Look after your tomato plants
• Pick first of the salad leaves & herbs
• Keep on top of weeding
• Ensure all plants are fed and watered
• Pest control
• Sow French and runner beans
• Feed wildlife especially in dry weather

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